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The Rookie - Episode 3.02 - In Justice - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
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Press Release
“In Justice” – Officer John Nolan and Officer Nyla Harper are assigned to a community policing center to help rebuild their station’s reputation in the community. Nolan is determined to make a positive impact but Nyla has her doubts on “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, JAN. 10 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (TV-14, DL) Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.

Guest starring is Brandon Routh as Doug Stanton, Dylan Conrique as Tamara Collins and Brent Huff as Officer Smitty.

“In Justice” was written by Brynn Malone and Fredrick Kotto, and directed by Michael Goi.