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The 2020 SpoilerTV Advent Calendar Countdown - December 24th

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This year, once again, the SpoilerTV team came together for the holidays to share our wishes for the new year. Every day two of us will share what we asked from Santa for 2021... And we are eager to see what's on your lists, so please, share your wishes in the comments bellow !!

December 24

Darth Locke - Westworld Season 4 Casting. 

So, I have wished for this almost every year since Westworld started, but I would love for Josh Holloway to get a big role on the series. I just feel like he would be so perfect here. I can easily see him opposite all of the cast. 

Julia Krassnik - I would like to see a TV show that focuses on a female character in her 60s or 70s.  Most TV shows out there have a pretty young cast. In particular actresses over 60 mainly get to play supporting or recurring characters. I really hope 2021 will gift us with a kickass series starring a female character who has already passed middle-age. There are so many stunning and talented actresses beyond 60 out there who could easily carry their own show. The industry regularly seems to forget that diversity does not only include people of all genders, races, and sexual orientations but also people of all kinds of different age groups.

December 23

Folie-lex - I wish after its rocky 4th season Queen Of South returns to its S2 and S3 standards. With Peter Gadiot's James back full time and Molly's Kelly-Anne finally promoted to a series regular things are certainly looking up... now only Veronica is missing to make things all right again, but I'm merely hoping they're keeping her return hush-hush for the surprise. 

Beth - I really want another small town show like Hart of Dixie back on broadcast TV. There are too many shows 'with a twist' and I miss a good feel-good dramedy that isn't trying to pull some shenanigans to get buzz.

December 22

Ali D - The Hidden Gem: I want more people to discover Blood & Water. The South African teen mystery and coming of age story is such good television. Netflix renewed it for a second season, but they’ve been a bit wishy-washy of late. I want that second season, but I’d also like a third. 

Beth - My wish is for writers to realize that romance on TV can be written without constantly breaking up main characters because they don't want them to get stagnant. The Resident has done an excellent job of writing plenty of drama for Nic and Conrad but they always come out of it together, and that makes them one of the best couples currently on TV.

December 21

Julia Krassnik
– I still have not given up on the TV show Tommy that was canceled by CBS in May. 

The show starring Edie Falco was incredibly diverse, talked about current issues, and deconstructed stereotypes on a regular basis. Unfortunately, CBS did not ever seem to have planned for the show to go on beyond season one. This series more than deserves to be picked up by a different network/streaming service. So, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for a miracle to happen. 

Ali D - “A” Thinks It’s a Really Bad Idea.

Could we rethink the Pretty Little Liars reboot, remix, or whatever it is? Look, not one attempt to revive the PLL’s universe has been successful. Some things are just lightning in a bottle. And it’s just plain old too soon. Why keep milking a dry cow when the world of YA novels offers so many great mysteries and thrillers just waiting for their chance at the small screen. You could start with Maureen Johnson’s Truly Devious series.
December 20

Ali D - Just Say No to the Goat 

Hey, Evil! It was one step too far. You don’t need to turn to something so gimmicky to up the fear factor. Besides, it looked like an extra from the Fraggle Rock band and pulled me out of the episode. In fact, it’s all I really remember of that final episode. That can’t possibly be what you wanted. Just let one of the characters wake up from a nightmare about a giant therapy goat, and we can all move forward as though it never happened. 

Lisa Macklem - Mystery Gift. 

I'm hoping for a show that makes me really get butterflies in my stomach waiting for the next episode like Supernatural did in the first 5 seasons! I don't know what the show will be or who will be in it - and that's the best part!

December 19

Laura Wanberg - Get Lauren Graham on 9-1-1 2k21 

Guys. GUYS. I’ve been asking for this since we found out Peter Krause was going to be starring and now it works out even better because, uh, if they live together, they might be quarantining together, right? Anyone who’s listening who can sway this decision, please do it. We all need this good thing in 2021. I would like to see Lauran Graham rescued by the 118. 

 popcultureguy - The “Young Avengers” assemble in a Disney+ series. 

Ever since the first Ant-Man film introduced Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie, I’ve dreamed of the day that my favorite Marvel superhero team – the Young Avengers, first introduced in a 2005 comic book series by Shondaland scribe Allan Heinberg – would get a live-action adaptation. And while it’d be fun to see them on the big screen, I think a Disney+ series would be the right size and scope for them. There’s several characters already in place in the MCU (Cassie is now a teenager thanks to the events of Avengers: Endgame and Kate Bishop/Hawkeye is set to be introduced in the Hawkeye Disney+ series) with several others (Wiccan, Speed, Hulkling, Miss America Chavez) rumored to be debuting in forthcoming Marvel properties. So here’s hoping these super teens team up soon!

December 18

Laura Wanberg - Keep Villanelle and Eve Together on Killing Eve 

I think we can mostly all agree that season three of Killing Eve was not its best. I’m hoping we can all agree on the reason why: Eve and Villanelle barely interacted until the very end. And I know we need B and C plots for the season, and we have to keep doing that, but how much fun would it be if instead of the title being Villanelle’s attempt at killing Eve - it became The Twelve and MI6 trying to kill Eve and Villanelle? Gays on the run! Gays on the run! 

Thomas Cori - For CBS to finally realize how much potential their connected universe has. 

Half of the shows on that network are in the same universe (that is the NCIS franchise, Magnum PI and MacGyver) and yet CBS has shown little to no interest in crossovers. They e could give a nice push to shows that are struggling and would definitely make fans happy since we’ve been asking for crossovers for years … and the few that we did get weren’t nearly enough!

December 17

Lisa Macklem - The Boys: Bigger and Curse-ier Than Ever! 

Hoping the third season of The Boys is out this year and that Kripke comes up with a great storyline for Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy! 

Laura Wanberg - Stop Letting Shows Get So Long.  

Look, I’m going to be straight-up with you guys, I can name on one hand the number of shows that are actually good -- writing, characters, storylines -- after five, maybe six seasons. We have to go back to when we appreciated TV as quality over quantity, or at least start working with more creators who believe that. TV Shows aren’t meant to last 10, 17, 22 seasons. Especially when every few years requires shifts in the writer’s room. Just end the show, guys. I don’t think it’s worth it. My wish is for more short television shows, 1-4 seasons, and less long, dramatic, drawn-out shows. Yes, even if that means less medical and procedurals.
December 16

Dahne - I wish for there to be far less streaming subscription sites. There are so many subscription sites right now that it is not feasible to subscribe to all of them, but the shows I am most interested in are all over the place. I'd like something similar to Netflix in its heyday, where you can get a great variety for one subscription. 

 Alison D - The Good Doctor - Let Someone Else Be Your Punching Bag.

Full disclosure, I don’t like Claire. Fuller disclosure, I like Lea less, but this isn’t about Sean’s ill-advised and poorly handled roommates to lovers arc. This is about how The Good Doctor decided that Claire, whose personality consists of being sickly sweet and wearing her emotions on her sleeve, should “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” Did the writer’s room sit down and ponder how to give her character greater depth when the angry intern in the back said, “you should kill her drug addict mother, make her spiral with sex and booze, then take away another second brown boyfriend. The viewers will love that.” If I’m calling mercy for a character I don’t care for, but recognize her value to the show, imagine what her fans must think of her treatment. Where and when does it end? Will she now mourn her mother and Melendez? What does that look like? A few nights a week in a drug den.
December 15

Beth - I wish for Magnum PI and MacGyver to Friday companions for years to come. After a long week, it is nice to have a steady comfort watch to relax with and these shows are just that for me! Also, let's do a crossover! 

 Folie-Lex - I wish for Ted Lasso to go on with multiple season pickups for as many years it needs in order to tell its story (ie for Richmond to win the Premier League)

December 14

Max Conte - Veronica Mars' 4th Resurrection.

I'd love to see HULU decide to bring Veronica Mars back for a 5th season. Season 4 was fantastic, and I've been hoping ever since that we'd get (another) surprise. It seems unlikely, but if ANYONE can't be counted out, it's Veronica. 

Naomi Daredevil: I have probably wished upon a star for this show to find a new home on Disney Plus a thousand times since its cancellation. It was so well made and the characters so wonderfully complex. There was just so much story left to tell for Matt, Karen and Foggy, not to mention the monstrous Kingpin played so scarily by Vincent D'Onofrio. So, I will just keep Christmas wishing until it comes true!

December 13

Ali D - Dinos, Phantoms, and the Kids on the Block Santa Baby, let’s talk. 

Netflix isn’t great when it comes to renewals and that needs to change. I know they cancelled things because . . . I think the pandemic or the moon in Aquarius or Disney + or the ratings they never let anyone see unless there are bragging rights to be had. 

There are three shows I want to see renewed, hopefully my wish will come true long before this publishes. I need more Camp Cretaceous. More Julie and the Phantoms. And more On My Block. Will Bumpy nurse Ben back to health? Will Toro team up with the Raptors to hunt down Darius and company? Will Caleb as Nick woo Julie away from Luke and break up the band? Will Alex and Willie reunite? Will On My Block undo the potential future that ended the latest season? It better. 

Thomas Cori – For The Mandalorian to dial down on the Baby Yoda/ Grogu stuff. 

I know how unpopular of an opinion this is, but I’m starting to feel like his very presence on the show is just a desperate attempt from Disney to shove merchandising in my face, and I don’t think I like that … at all!

December 12

Rebeccah Wright - My wish is for a new Timeless Christmas special (movie or mini-series) in 2021. 

Giulia Del Buono - I would love to see Ana De Armas and Jennifer Lawrence in a miniseries together. A comedy? A musical? A musical comedy? They might play estranged sisters or best friends or enemies! Written by Issa Rae, Dan Levy or Lena Waithe and directed by Nia DaCosta, Lulu Wang or Oliva Wilde! HBO, if you're listening, your next television event is waiting for you!

December 11

Ali D - Power to the Pocket Sized

I’m no shipper, really I’m not, but could we move beyond what’s expected and what television has always done. Prodigal Son’s Malcolm and Dani is obvious even with a four season slow burn. I think you should dump the idea completely in favor of something that would truly surprise? Let Edrisa have her man. They’d be adorable. 

Doug - No more production shut downs due to COVID 

It feels like every day there's a new headline about a show shutting down production because of a positive COVID test. This holiday season, I'm wishing for (1) The safety of all the cast and crew working tirelessly to bring the world entertainment, (2) limited hiatuses between episodes due to productions falling behind, and (3) no more renewal reversals (#RIPGLOW)

December 10

Giulia Del Buono - A reboot of Alias? Why not? We are experiencing the rise of the reboot, so I would love to see my favorite show being rebooted! A new story, maybe with Sydney's daughter involved, but with the main cast returning to kick some ass and make us very happy! 

Julia Krassnik - I really would like for River Song to pop up in the upcoming season of Doctor Who

Alex Kingston wants it. Jodi Whittaker wants it. And the fans want it. There really is no reason why River Song shouldn’t grace the 13th season of Doctor Who with her fabulous presence. After all, David Tennant’s and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor got to meet her too. It is only fair that the 13th Doctor gets to hang out with her wife as well.
December 9

Darth Locke - More Great Star Wars Television 

Ok, we all know we will be getting more Star Wars TV in the coming year, but I'm mostly interested in Lesley Headland's unknown project! I'm wishing so much that it is either Doctor Aphra, The High Republic, or something set post The Rise of Skywalker. Everything about it so far sounds so ambitious and I just want something a little new or different in Star Wars universe to be a great success! 

Folie Lex - I wish Disney+ 's Hawkeye show pulls from the Fraction/Aja run, even though Clint's portrayal and backstory in the MCU is very far removed from Clint in this run. This being my fave Hawkeye run aside, IMO in a lot of ways the way the character (and by extension the moniker) has been depicted in the MCU has done him a disservice, in how he is regarded and how he fits into the world. If they shift gears and pull from this story for my money it will only be for the better.
December 8

Thomas Cori – I would love to see a Dark Matter revival. Since there wasn’t much of anything to watch this summer, I turned to shows I used to love as a teen, and remembered Dark Matter, a show that did not deserve to end so abruptly. I know that at this point seeing it making a comeback is very unlikely, but if 2020 taught us anything its that anything can happen…

Eve - Hannah Season 3

My wish is for Hanna and Marisa to flee together in season 3 and to see a lot of 'mother and daughter' bonding scenes. I love their dynamic and both actresses are amazing in their roles!

December 7

Darth Locke - Netflix Uncancels The OA 

I know this is such a stretch and honestly with production costs going up due to all the COVID restrictions that need to go into place, this is a pretty far-fetched wish, but The OA was one of most mind and genre bending character driven shows out there and I feel like Netflix was so premature to cancel it. It deserves to finish it's story. 

Darth Locke - The Good Fight season 5 

With so many great actors leaving series over the years, including Cush Jumbo and Delroy Lindo in the coming season, I just hope that they can find a way to write them off and the Memo 318 storyline that feels right. Maybe Hugh Dancy could become a regular, or maybe the Execs could finally pick up a The Good Wife alumni whether that be Julianna Margulis or Archie Panjab.
December 6

Naomi - The Flash: So, my love for the first three seasons of this show is solid. I will always hold the show in my heart, but my wish for them this year is to find its footing. Remember that Barry is a scientist, works at the police station AND is the fastest man alive. What makes him so great is that he juggles all of those identities and they continuously help shape the hero that he is. When the story has veered away from Barry, it has faltered and become boring. Flash writers, please make your titular star shine this season or it may be my last. 

Darth Locke - Evil Season 2: There is so much I love about Robert and Michelle King's latest series, it's almost hard to know what exactly to wish for, except maybe just an even better season 2! I hope it continues to build popularity so it can keep going and get renewed for a third season!

December 5

Cecile - Remember how Normal People kind of blew everyone away, this spring? Since the same production team is doing the author's other novel: Conversations with Friends, my wish is for it to be as good (hopefully even better, but one wonders how it could beat it!) and as stellarly (it's a word) cast. 

Cecile - Since every single book and its sequel/prequel/distant cousin's hairdresser's novella seem to be getting adapted these days, where is my The Mediator series?! It's sassy, and funny, and supernatural, with great characters, and it's written by Meg Cabot. What more do the TV gods need?! My wish is for the rights to be optioned and for it to see the light of day sooner, rather than later.

December 4

popcultureguy - Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War gets adapted for television. 

 It’s a golden age of both YA television and series adapted from novels. So with my favorite book from childhood - Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game - already picked up for adaptation by HBO Max, my wish is for another favorite of mine to receive the same treatment - Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War. It was made into a film in the ‘80s, but I think it’s ripe for a limited series, or even an ongoing one (the book itself has a sequel). There’s meaty roles for young thespians in downtrodden protagonist Jerry Renault and master manipulator Archie Costello. And while I think it might be cool to do it as a period piece, its themes of bullying, corruption, peer pressure, and privilege set against the backdrop of a Catholic high school could easily be brought into modern day. 

Folie-lex - I wish for the 3rd season of Mayans MC that Potter gets dealt with and for good... I love Ray McKinnon! He's brilliant. But I'm over Potter and it's time he gets his... and if as an added perk Angel is the one who gets to off him while getting his girl and baby back, I'll be extra happy!

December 3

Rebeccah Wright - More than anything, I would love for SWAT to be renewed for a fifth season. 

Beth - I really implore new streaming services to promote your original stuff better (looking at you HBO Max and Peacock!). There is now streamer fatigue and no one is going to know that you have a good show if you don't put some promotion behind it.

December 2

Darth Locke - Hannibal Season 4: I'm totally delighted that the new year will bring CBS's Clarice, but I'm still wishing for Bryan Fuller's Hannibal to return so it can attempt to finish out it's story. I miss the cast, the visuals, and the tone. Just somebody please pick it up already! 

Ali D - Ding Dong the Showrunner’s Gone 

My wish is that Roswell, New Mexico reinvests in the core relationships it established in Season 1- platonic, romantic, and familial. Liz, Maria, and Alex; Alex and Kyle; Isabel, Michael, and Max; Michael and Alex; Kyle and Liz (said it, stand by it). 

I hope with the departure of half the show running team Roswell, New Mexico does away with wish fulfillment, queer trauma porn, and disjointed plots. I mean the whole “I don’t think we’re good for each other . . . I like your best friend . . . I deserve him because you kept someone else’s secret from me . . . The three of us should bang because insecurity love . . . Look how happy and well adjusted we are as a couple . . . Just kidding you’re in love with someone else” arc was whatever comes after stupid. However, it was slightly better than “old heartbreak equals wiping out a family tree and alien spaceship is really a bomb at a carnival. Oh, and thanks, lover, for leaving me in chains without my leg because your girlfriend wants to go on the Ferris wheel.” Let’s be honest, it can’t get worse. Wait, can it?
December 1

Eve - Ted Lasso - One of the big TV surprises in 2020 was Ted Lasso. 

What a charming and funny show. I wish for season 2 to come quick and be just as good as season 1. 

 ZoĆ© Fleury - To get back on Track. 

COVID times have certainly been...interesting, to say the least. The whole world has been thrown into a tailspin. We're seeing a second rise in cases, now. TV filming has, for the meanwhile, resumed, but everything has been so majorly delayed. As someone who has been suffering a lot from depression during this long quarantine, I guiltily miss new shows coming out. I hope that in 2021, the world starts getting a little more normal, and that we see all the shows we love so dearly get back on track. (While making sure everyone continues to remain safe, of course.)

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