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The Simpsons - The 7 Beer Itch - Review: Olivia Colman's hit and miss cameo

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*NOTE – This review may contain spoilers.

This week the Simpson household is split; the kids and Marge are off on vacation, the dogs and Grandpa are having the time of their life with Flanders, and Homer is left alone. And Olivia Colman guest stars to help him along the way. Could it be a win for almost all of us?

Starting us off, Groundskeeper Willie introduces us to our newest character Lily (voiced by Olivia Colman from 'The Crown'), and just as it is probably going to get a tad boring, Homer takes over - nice save!

Some of the most heartfelt episodes of 'The Simpsons' are the ones that remind us of the loving and iconic bond between Homer and Marge. To the uneducated eye, Marge is simply a character that has settled for her lazy and useless husband, but if you stick around for a good ten or so more minutes, you'll realise that the family doesn't work without him, and that's the lesson of this week's episode.

The story this week revolves around Homer living in a pitiful hole as everybody he loves seems to be happier without him around. And even though Lily - whom is fawned after by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, apparently - desires him more than anybody else, he still cannot get over his tragic loss.

It's always a treat to receive reminders that Homer is a lot kinder and emotional than the funny GIFs and catchphrases we're used to engaging with. Almost instantaneously Homer's mood switches into sorrow once he realises the alleged feelings of his loved ones, and from then on out we see him chase after his love and live obliviously. 

'The 7 Beer Itch' comes with some funny lines, however, it doesn't necessarily compare to previous episodes centred on the pair such as season 2's 'Simpson and Delilah' or season 4's 'Duffless'.

Lily's inclusion in the episode puts her centre stage which does distract from the overall theme of love and family. As enjoyable as her two musical numbers are, the character fails to make much of a mark beyond the fact that she is voiced by an Academy Award winning actress. Although the purpose of Lily is clearly anchored into the episode, the dialogue feels plain and her position feels particularly forced (beyond the fact that she is literally forcing a relationship). 

This week's episode would be better off focusing on the actual issue at hand, rather than trying to make something that isn't working work. Lily is a decent character that would make more of a mark if she were to be narrating a story as she doesn't quite have an interesting enough arc in comparison to the Homer and Marge love story.

But with that being said, 'The 7 Beer Itch' is not going to go down as a terrible episode. It's mediocre and enjoyable, doing exactly what an average episode of 'The Simpsons' is supposed to do this late into the game. One would be appreciate a better half hour when one of our most appreciated British actresses are making a cameo, however, it isn't a total screw-up.

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