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Grey`s Anatomy - Season 17 Double Episode Premiere - Review: " Gut Wrenching Twist"

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And we are back! After a way too long hiatus, Grey`s Anatomy finally returned for its 17th season. Despite my disdain for parts of season 16 and the writing choices in the back half, Grey`s is a show I always love coming back to. Just the amount of energy this show caries with all the bad and good and the way it combines the darkest moments with the smallest tingle of hope out there brings a delight to my small screen. Debbie Allen directed both episodes, All tomorrow`s Parties was written by Andy Reaser & Lynee E. Little, while The Center won`t Hold was written by Andy Reaser & Jase Miles-Perez. 

First of all, we have to talk about that cliffhanger. Yes, the promos promised the biggest twist yet and fudge the writers delivered. After 5 full seasons, Patrick Dempsey returned to the show as Derek Shepard or at least like a vision of him. Losing Derek all those years ago was heartbreaking, but storywise honestly the best decision that could happen for Meredith`s character. It gave Meredith space to grow as a surgeon, mother and person. It gave her room to breathe out of the clutches of the McDreamy relationship. In a post Episode review, series showrunner Krista Vernoff told bringing back Derek was an intentional fan candy. Giving people a glimmer of hope in these dark days featuring so much trauma. And gosh I almost choked on that candy. But the resolution of Derek`s "return" will unfold next so now back to what happened this week. 

SGMH was turned into a Covid Hospital pushing the boundaries of our favorite surgeons, including Meredith. It was interesting seeing Meredith struggle with so much death or rather struggle with the inability to prevent death. The scene where she broke down in the supply room was strong. Ellen is an exquisite actress she has a great ability to dig deep and transfer this sensation of despair that engulfs you and doesn`t let s you go. But the tide slightly turned when McWidow came around the corner and invited her into a Kidney repair operation. The joy on Mer`s face was sweet and weird. This story provided Mer some relief from all the Covid trauma but also gave her space to spend time with Hayes. While I don`t see Hayes as the perfect match for Mer, he definitely suits her better than her sister`s Exboyfriend. 

It was a neat surprise to see they revisited the child trafficking case from last year, I found the initial episode way over the top with DeLuca`s emotional breakdown but was happy about the resolutions this episode provided. It is good to see DeLuca being mentally stable again. His breakdown in the first hour was well executed even though I didn`t feel like the heaviness of the words wasn`t followed by the appropriate physical reaction. It should`ve been a bit more in my opinion. Yes,, DeLuca was already drained at that point but it should`ve been a bit more just to follow up those heavy words. 

While MIA in hour one of season 17, my current OTP, Amelink, returned in hour two hitting heavy. The pure energy shared between the two characters and the story that unfolded over the hour worked just on so many levels. Their interactions were perfectly dozed, giving a good opposite to the other aspects of the episode. Scout Derek Shepard Lincoln is a perfect name for their kid and I am really excited to see where the story will move on from this point. 

In some weirder aspects of the episode, my jaw was on the floor for a couple of minutes after that initial Jackson-Jo flashback. I really thought they made them do it. It was truly an odd choice to make Jo ask Jackson for a one night stand. It felt so out of place and generally, I exuded one major IKK. While weird, their interactions felt good, interesting with solid chemistry. I won`t say I am looking forward to seeing where their next interaction will go but if the writers really wanna go there let the build-up be decent enough. Glad they at least properly broke of Jackson and Vic going into the season, at least one burden less. 

Richard was back and once again the badass we all love him to be. Richard and Miranda's scenes are always a delight to watch. Even though at times it feels like the same old same old they just share this beautiful relationship and love for each other. The lengths they go for each other just makes me appreciate it more. Them going back to Miranda`s OCD and how she tried to micromanage all the events in the hospital was another great writing choice. It felt true to the character and delivered some lighter moments in otherwise heavy moments. Jackson and Maggie trying to talk sense into Richard and Catherine respectively was sweet and weird, just true Grey`s fashion. Richard and Catherine finding common ground at the end was a great moment. Also, Richard was so smooth while delivering that line. 

The Covid Party burn victim case hit really hard. The parents of the kid delivered great performances and broke my heart throughout the two hours. I barely recognized Bones` TJ Thyne under the mask, he as well was great as the father of the Kidney kid. I`ve got goosebumps as he picked up the father whose son just died cause of the depth of the burns. 

Last and definitely least on my list, the Owen-Teddy drama. I hated how mischievous and spiteful Owen was in the flashbacks. The aspect of him being the one who was hurt now gives him some credit for this behavior, yet my compassion for his character went out of the window like 3 seasons ago, at least. One positive that came out of this pull and push, was the scene between Teddy and Jo. It was a good one and Kim Raver once again proved why she is a force of nature. While her words, don`t really resonate with her previous actions the execution in the scene was raw, gripping, and most importantly believable. Meanwhile, I will start mental preparations for more drama between these two. 

Other tidbits: 
 - Perez was on point. Zaiver Sinnett was on point with all his zingers and had me lmao. 
 - Is this the end between Schmidt and Nico? I truly hope so, Schmidt does need the relief but he should find someone who really likes him. 
 - Catherine giving Tom a verbal beatdown, precious. I like Tom and his weird ways but I love to see him squirm. 
- Maggie was busy saving relationships and lives while trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with Winston (new series regular Anthony Hill). Quirky busy Maggie is definitely the best Maggie. 

That`s a wrap on my side guys! I hope you`ve enjoyed the episodes as much as I did. Sound off in the comment section below and share your thoughts on the two hour season 17 premiere. Till next, week.

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