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American Housewife - Psych - Review: "Mothering is Bullying"

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The Ottos are back for a new school year and this time, Katie's even more overbearing than usual!

Taylor's busy taking classes at Greg's college before going to Carnegie-Mellon in a year. Oliver is attempting to ease Cooper into the idea of chores (aka "poor people stuff!"). (Katie's way past ready for Cooper to have gotten ahold of the idea!) Anna-Kat, with Franklin's help, is reluctantly learning to fence (Katie made her pick up a sport!). Greg's busy trying to save a field where some historic guy (who's not Paul Revere) stopped to water his horse before alerting the colonists the British were coming. And Katie? She's busy getting in everyone else's business. 

Since Katie's sold her lasagna business, she's found herself more than a little bit aimless. (She sold her lasagna business? Did I seriously forget that in the last 6 months?) So when the kids (and Doris) suggest she turn her attention to Greg (He's "in love with a meadow" after all, he obviously needs some help!), Katie jumps at the chance. Not satisfied with Greg's idea to write a letter to the city council to try to save the historic meadow, Katie tells Greg she's going to get him ready to speak in front of the council, whether he likes it or not! And unfortunately for Greg, Katie's suggestions are...really bad. (She wants him to drop a few F-bombs.)

With Katie focusing on Greg, the kids are left with their own problems. Anna-Kat is mad at her new "boyfriend" Franklin because he didn't defend her after Katie gave her a hard time about fencing. ("I DIDN"T KNOW BABY! I CAN CHANGE!") So when another boy cuts in front of Anna-Kat at the water fountain, Franklin steps in to defend her honor and challenges the (much larger) boy to a dual! Unfortunately for Franklin, the much larger boy isn't too keen on fencing and simply takes this as an invention to beat him up after school the next day. 

Cooper's helping Oliver prep for a big internship interview. But, even with Oliver's extensive resume, the interviewer deems him... just ordinary. (Apparently, every overachiever does "a sport that's not typical so [they'll] stand out,"  and "community service to seem like a sensitive person.")

With Oliver freaking out that he's going to have to settle for going to the Ivy League school that's known for hotel management (Cornell), Cooper steps in. His parents know the people who own the company, so Oliver has an immediate in if he wants one. 

At the city council meeting, Greg still refuses to take Katie's advice and be vulgar when he goes to the mike. Unsatisfied with Greg's diplomatic ways, Katie storms the stage, and drops the F-bombs for him! Turns out Katie was a little off in assuming that the harsh language would gain the council's respect. Not only does she get Greg's proposal to save the meadow rejected, but she gets them banned from the premise! 

At home, Katie tells Greg that he and the kids are her only purpose since she sold her business, so he's going to have to learn to live with her giving him all her attention. Fortunately for Greg, Katie has to shift her focus back to the kids when she gets a call from the school that one of them is in trouble. At school, Katie discovers that it isn't Oliver or Anna-Kat, or even Cooper who she's been called in to deal with, but Franklin. Since Franklin's "mother is neglectful just shy of the point where I'm mandated to report it," according to Ablin, Katie was called in on his behalf instead. Franklin showed up to the dual, where he did some crazy taekwondo and parkour moves to "warm-up," which was enough to scare the larger kid off. Since the larger kid was so scared that he reported the almost-fight to a teacher, Ablin is supposed to suspend Franklin. Unwillingly to accept that the "narc" gets away while Franklin gets punished, Katie launches into a speech about the decline in schoolyard fights being what's wrong with the country. And weirdly enough, Ablin agrees. Apparently, some of his best memories are getting beat up at school!

While Katie's dealing with Ablin at school, Oliver propositions school recluse Trevor with an offer he can't refuse. Trevor has a brilliant idea for an app that matches people with their perfect gift. He might even be on to a real money maker if he weren't extremely unlikable. So, Oliver used Cooper's in at the company with the internship to ask for money for Trevor's company. With Oliver as the face of the company, Trevor's app might actually take off, and Oliver might actually get into Harvard!

Back at home, Katie's not happy to discover Cooper's bought a bunch of Roombas to do the chores he can't figure out. It's only when Katie decides to channel her energy into teaching Cooper some common sense cleaning that the rest of the family sees what Katie's purpose might actually be - being a mom to everyone. Greg suggests that she start a Mommy vlog. She can "mess with other people's lives," make money, and share her wisdom! "I'm gonna mom the whole freaking planet!" Katie declares!

Later that night, Katie gives Greg the signature sheet needed to run for city council so he'll have a way to continue the fight to save the historic field. Maybe overbearing Katie isn't always a bad thing!

Random Thoughts:
-The best line goes to Franklin when talking about how rarely he's at his own home - "I bike over super early and put my ear to the sewer and wait for the morning's first flush." Oh, Franklin, you strange little weirdo. 

-Maria and Ablin's quest to create a cat park was pretty funny. 

-I still want to hear Franklin's podcast Getting Frank with Franklin

What do you think of Katie's new career path? Let me know below!

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