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The Texanist - Comedy Series In Development At Fox

Thomas Haden Church is set as the lead and will executive produce The Texanist, a multi-camera comedy inspired by David Courtney’s Texas Monthly column in development at Fox. Church, who lives on his ranch in the Lone Star state, will have plenty of personal experience to draw on for the role.

Written by Cheers alum Rob Long, The Texanist centers on Dave, played by Church, an opinionated Austin-area radio show host who calls ‘em like he sees ‘em, dispensing advice to Texas natives and newcomers alike on what he knows to be the true Texas Way of life. But the Texas Way is changing, and now Dave’s job is becoming much more complicated. Listening to advice from his wife, family and co-workers, Dave must now become the arbiter of which changes to embrace and which to reject, possibly opening his mind in the process… just, not that much.

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