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3 Sneak Peeks
Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.

Promotional Photos
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The_Expanse_S5_4_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_16_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_11_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_13_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_8_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_9_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_14_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_10_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_6_thumb.th.jpg The-Expanse-S5.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_15_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_12_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_7_thumb1.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_5_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_2_thumb.th.jpg The_Expanse_S5_3_thumb.th.jpg

Promotional Key Art / Posters
Thanks to @TheExpanseBrasil for the heads up.
the-expanse-season-5-key-art.th.jpg EnDPpCYVoAANNUU.th.jpg EnDPpCZVEAENrnv.th.jpg EnCljbsVEAErE3U.th.jpg 1500x500.th.jpg

Episode Titles

Epiode 5.01 - Exodus
Epiode 5.02 - Churn
Epiode 5.03 - Mother
Epiode 5.04 - Guagamela
Epiode 5.05 - Down and Out
Epiode 5.06 - Tribes
Epiode 5.07 - Oyedeng
Epiode 5.08 - Hard Vacuum
Epiode 5.09 - Winnipesaukee
Epiode 5.10 - Nemesis Games

First 3 Episodes start on 16th December and then are released weekly.