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Soulmates - Episode 1.04 - Layover - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos

SM_104_JA_1105_0800_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1105_1638_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1108_0087_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1108_0878_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1104_0135_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1104_0430_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1104_0484_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1104_0719_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1105_0191_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1105_0354_RT.th.jpg SM_104_JA_1105_0519_RT.th.jpg

Press Release

New, 10/26/2020, Season 1 / Episode 4 , Drama, Romance

At an airport bar in Mexico, two men meet and are immediately drawn to each other, but just before one of them is to fly off and meet his wealthy soulmate, he discovers his passport is missing, and both men embark on a journey to retrieve it.

Credits: Bill SkarsgÄrd (Actor), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Actor)