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Alexa & Katie - Season 3B - Roundtable Review

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This is a roundtable review for the second half of the third and final season of Alexa & Katie. Myself, Luana Arturi, and Beth Whitley will be talking about our favorite parts of the season and the impression the show left on us. Let’s get right to it. Warning, spoilers below. 

1) Which storyline spoke to you the most? 

Jamie: As someone who has struggled with anxiety, Katie’s storyline intrigued me the most. She’s always been a very independent character which is why her panic attacks bother her so much. For once, there’s something beyond her control. And I think it’s very telling for her that while she tried to hide it from the people she loved, she was more willing to accept help from a guy she barely knew. I guess that’s why so many people go to therapy. It’s easier when you don’t really know the person. Which then gives her a chance to grow closer to Aiden. But I do wish that the romance hadn’t taken center stage here. I would’ve liked them to delve into the anxiety a bit more. 

Luana: Well, the friendship here is everything, and even though it’s not always that the friendships we have earlier in life stay the same, there is a way to allow change and still have those people in your life, even if it can’t be the same way it was when you had no responsibilities and so much free time. 

Beth: The storyline that impacted me was the struggle Katie had with anxiety. The way it was portrayed was honest and they didn’t just drop it after one episode, it was always evolving. 

2) Who was your favorite character or who had the best character evolution overall? 

Jamie: Probably Alexa. Back in the first season, she didn’t want anyone to know she had cancer. She went out of her way to hide it. Now she gave a speech about it, something that was still really hard for her but it showed how much she’s grown and that she now has taken control of that label. It has made her into a stronger person and that is not something she wants to hide. 

Luana: I’d say Alexa, especially around the aftermath of her cancer and the way she has to live with not only surviving but also living. Paris Berelc has been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what she does next. 

Beth: My favorite character was probably Katie. I just saw a lot of myself in her when I was in HS. The girl was a bit insecure but still trying to be positive and everything to those she loves. The awkwardness was very endearing to me and I wish this show was around when I was a teen! 
3) Which was your favorite couple? 

Jamie: You know, none of the relationships really stood out to me all that much. I actually think Alexa’s parents probably had the best relationship. But I did kind of ship Alexa and Katie, despite knowing it would never happen. 

Luana: Both Katie and Aiden, and Alexa and Spencer are adorable, but this show is all about the two best friends. 

Beth: Oh, hands down Alexa’s parents Dave and Lori. I just loved how solid they were and that they were the epicenter of support for everyone. It was refreshing to see such a sweet and loving marriage portrayed in such an honest way. 

4) What did you think of Katie’s anxiety storyline? Did the writers do it justice? 

Jamie: As someone who struggles with anxiety (not panic attacks as much), I think they handled it well. I just wish they’d gone a bit more beyond the panic attacks. They started to do that in the first half of this season but seemed to have stepped away from that a bit more in this half. Anxiety is not just panic attacks. It can manifest in a lot of different forms. But I was able to relate to Katie’s storyline so I say well done. 

Luana: I have no experience with anxiety attacks but I’m glad Katie got her own special storyline that gave Isabel May a chance to shine. 

Beth: As I said above, I think they did. The only time it kind of stumbled was when Aiden ‘talked’ Katie down. Don’t get me wrong, it was a sweet moment, but it seemed more about showcasing how sweet HE was rather than the re-visiting her story. But, the way the attacks happened was very real and I appreciated that. 

5) What did you think of the final episodes and the ending overall, any highlights or things you wish had been done better? Any storylines you wish had been included? 

Jamie: I did really enjoy those last few episodes. I’m glad they were able to end things on their terms. That way the writers were able to wrap up the storylines properly and we got a beautiful goodbye. I would’ve liked to have seen them in college though. As for storylines I wish had been included… did we ever see Katie interact with her dad? I can’t quite remember.  
Luana: It was a pretty perfect finale for such a sweet show, Alexa and Katie having to live without each other even if they’re still going to be in each other’s lives no matter what. 

Beth: I think the ending was pretty good and the final stretch of episodes gave more closure than most shows get these days, especially on NETFLIX. I do wish we could’ve gotten a bit more direction for Lucas and where he ended up because they did spend some time building that up. But the show as a whole, stayed true to what it always had been and that is the bond between Alexa and Katie. 
6) What do you think the impact of this show will be? 

Jamie: Unfortunately, this show flew pretty much under the radar. Which is a shame because one of the reasons I was drawn to this show was the cancer storyline. This was sort of the first time I’d seen a storyline like that being very central in a show directed at a younger audience. I think this show did really well in bringing across what living with having to battle cancer is like. Especially for someone of a young age. 

Luana: I’m not sure, but I do know when things are so uncertain, it’s good to have shows like this, filled with heart and laughs, to keep us company for a little while. 

Beth: I think the impact will be love and friendship. When you have those two things in your life, you can find your way. The girls’ friendship proves that family isn’t always blood, and soulmates don’t always have to be romantic in nature. 

7) Any final remarks? 

Jamie: I’m very glad I took Aimee’s recommendation and decided to watch this show. It was a very pleasant surprise and both Paris Berelc and Isabel May have wowed me with their performances on this show. 

Luana: I loved the final montage showing some of the special moments of Alexa and Katie’s relationship and I loved seeing them catch up when they were reunited in the last moments of the show. 

Beth: I think this show was so adorable, and the ultimate comfort watch just when I needed it. The subject manner didn’t look like that on paper, but it was. 

And with that, we have reached the conclusion of this roundtable review. I’d love to know how you all felt about this show so be sure to comment below.

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