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The Right Stuff - Episode 1.01 + 1.02 - Synopes + Promotional Photos

Episode 1.01 - Sierra Hotel - Synopsis + Promotional Photos
Friday, October 9

The Right Stuff Premiere Episode 101 - “Sierra Hotel”
It’s 1959 and Russia is winning the space race. In order to compete, The United States forms NASA and chooses to recruit the nations best test pilots to form what will become the Mercury Astronauts. Among these test pilots are the golden boy John Glenn, the reckless Alan Shepard, and Gordo Cooper, whose broken marriage could cost him a place at the program


trs_ep101_080119_0428_6c5af2e5.th.jpg trs_ep101_080519_0327_4aaef01a.th.jpg trs_ep101_080519_0446_r_da3bb573.th.jpg trs_ep101_080819_0208_f547a96c.th.jpg trs_ep101_080819_0259_r_5837672b.th.jpg trs_ep101_090719_0037_r_72dc16b4.th.jpg trs_ep101_073019_0007_r_423d24a9.th.jpg trs_ep101_073019_0028_r_0bb6b188.th.jpg trs_ep101_073019_0217_r_ef38b308.th.jpg trs_ep101_073019_0294_dde4a4c5.th.jpg trs_ep101_073019_0454_r_102514a5.th.jpg trs_ep101_073019_0494_r_8312e16b.th.jpg

Episode 1.02 - Goodies - Synopsis + Promotional Photos
Friday, October 9

Episode 102 - “Goodies”
The press descends upon the domestic lives of the astronauts. Shepard and Gordo wilt under the limelight while Glenn thrives. Glenn secures a deal with Life Magazine that grants exclusive access to all seven astronauts in return for life-altering compensation. By the time the astronauts arrive in Florida to begin work, even Shepard has come to understand the power they now hold.


trs_ep102_090719_0241_r_cc_c1090a3b.th.jpg trs_ep102_091619_0010_r_82b9f6b8.th.jpg trs_ep102_091619_0260_cc_6aeb3647.th.jpg trs_ep102_091619_0323_7379c7a0.th.jpg trs_ep102_091619_0409_790cb3c9.th.jpg trs_ep102_091719_0089_24f684f4.th.jpg trs_ep102_082919_0282_r_a5ecc407.th.jpg trs_ep102_090619_0070_r_1c8d0f43.th.jpg trs_ep102_090619_0175_r_a6aef809.th.jpg trs_ep102_090619_0267_r_9abecdd6.th.jpg trs_ep102_090719_0030_04784339.th.jpg trs_ep102_090719_0054_r_fede5d23.th.jpg trs_ep102_090719_0101_r_87273ba9.th.jpg

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