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The SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Competition 2020/21 - *Updated 31st October 2020*

Update: 31t October 2020: First Update
Update: 25th September 2020: Table Posted
Update: 24th September 2020: Submissions are now closed.
Update: 1st July 2020: Submissions Open

Right then, the 7th SpoilerTV Cancellation Prediction League has now started. (You can see last years here.)

Every time a show is either cancelled or renewed, we'll update the table below so you can see how many points you have. You get 1 point for a correct prediction, and -1 point for an incorrect one.

The table will be sorted by Points, and then by the name you entered alphabetically. You can scroll right to see the individual points breakdown for each show.

However as we probably won't have much news on cancellations or renewals for at least a month I thought I'd get the table ready so you can remind yourself of your picks.

You can see the full table here

If you have any questions, problems please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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