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Site Update - Dark Mode and Other Updates + Beta of Classic Mobile Dark Mode *Updated 26th August 2020*

Update: 26th August You can now quickly toggle between light and dark mode via the menu now on Desktop. This means that you can also now have a Light and Dark Mode for either the 2 Grid, 3 Grid and Card homepage layouts. Any bugs please let us know below.

Update: 25th August 2020 We've made a couple of other minor updates/fixed as well as having an early look at dark mode for the old classic mobile site.

- Ratings Tables starting this week will be updated to use a dark mode friendly look and feel. These also look good on light mode.
- Other Tables and spreadsheet will also be slowly updated to be dark mode friendly.
- New Polls will now also be dark mode friendly.
- For those on Mobile who like the old Classic Mobile version, we now have a Dark Mode for that. You can see it in action on the Video below.

Update: 23rd August 2020 We've made a couple of other minor updates/fixed.

- We've fixed the issue whereby you could not change the background color.
- We're also going to be slowly updating our polls so they better match darkmode whilst still looking good in Light mode.
- Author Boxes are no display in dark mode
- The Recent USDP List now display in dark mode

If you find anything else in Dark Mode that looks odd, is hard to read or could be improved, please don't hesitate in telling us in the comments below.

Hey All,

Just a little site update today.

1) We've updated our Dark Mode to improve readability fix some issues.
2) Dark Mode is now on by Default
3) We increased the size and spaceing of main article text to improve readability
4) We've also updated the Grid and Card formats if you prefer that look and feel.

3 Column Grid

2 Column Grid

You can select the different formats from the Site Configuration page as well as chaning other things such as Light/Dark Mode, Banner and Background Color etc.

The Site Configuration can be found in the Menu or via this link.

Setting Page

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