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Quote of the Week - Week of August 9th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Agents of SHIELD - 

1. Deke: "First of all, I'm the one with the scientific knowledge to be able to re-patch the power. Danny boy over here is still impressed by a light bulb." Sousa: "That's not accurate or nice."
2. Coulson: "We just needed you to enter your authorization." Sibyl: "Oh? And what comes next?" May: "The Cavalry."
3. Flint: "You're done finally? We're five minutes late to class." May: "You're late. I'm giving the lecture. That's not late, that's dramatic." (Folie-lex)

The Alienist - 

1. Laszlo: "I phoned John, to let him know where you were. I hope you don't mind." Sara: "Of course not. That was very courteous of you. Did he say anything?" Laszlo: "Only mumbled about extremes you're willing to go to avoid either confrontation or conversation, I forget which." Sara: "Both apply."
2. Byrnes: "I can't break her." Laszlo: "You can't break someone who's already broken Mr. Byrnes."
3. Marcus: "Stay with me." Lucius: "What? I have to stop the bleeding. You're alright. Marcus? You're alright... Marcus, don't leave me." Marcus: "It's okay."
4. Sara: "If this was her childhood home..." Laszlo: "Now reunited with her daughter, her own family unit is complete, all that's left is..." John: "To go home."
5. Cyrus: "If there is no struggle there is no progress. Sometimes, Laszlo, you just have to decide what it is you want and then fight for it."
6. Sara: "We may be judged as women, but we must remember that we are detectives. And whether we wear skirts or trousers is immaterial to what we do. It's human nature to make mistakes, Kitty. We sometimes might fail, but we should not be defined by our failures. It's 8 o'clock. Let us begin." (Folie-lex)

Little Voice - 

1. Bess: "He's a great dad when he's sober. I haven't seen him like this in like a decade. I stupidly thought this part of my life was over." Sam: "He did it once. He'll find his way back."
2. Mary: "It wasn't easy living with your dad." Bess: "He's not like that anymore." Mary: "People don't change Bess." Bess: "You just said you did." Mary: "I've healed. There's a difference." Bess: "Is there?" (Folie-lex)

Perry Mason - 

1. Della: "I have watched a parade of men get up and demean her. Ask the right questions and they'll see through it." Perry: "That's what this is. Oh, that's what this is about." Della: "They'll give her a chance." Perry: "This is just a crusade for you. And what? Emily's what? Your proxy?" Della: "That is not what I meant, Perry." Perry: "Yes it is. Because you see a woman being "demeaned by men", you think it's about you. Guess what? It's not. And I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you sweetheart, but padding around your little boarding house with your little hand model girlfriend isn't the same as being framed for killing your fucking kid... You didn't think I knew about Hazel?" Della: "I figured you knew. I just didn't think you'd throw it in my face like that. I'll type up the questions for you, in case you wake up and realize, I'm right."
2. Perry: "I'm just about out of moves." Pete: "Don't sound much like you." Perry: "Yeah, well, that's the fuck of this 'lawyering' thing. You can have all the truth on your side, but if you can't prove it, if you can't hold it in your hand, it don't exist."
3. Perry: "A baby was killed to prop up your church. So you're telling me that you can look at this and you can still believe?" Alice: "You wanna know things, Mr. Mason. You wanna find things out and prove things. But what comfort has that ever given you? What peace?" (Folie-lex)

Ted Lasso - 

1. Ted: "He must be from England, yeah?" Coach Beard: "Wales." Ted: "That another country?" Coach Beard: "Yes and no." Ted: "How may countries are in this country?" Coach Beard & Nate: "Four."
2. Ted: "Hey, Nate." Nate: "Who, me?" Ted: "Yeah. Until we get another Nate here I just need you to assume you're my default Nate."
3. Ted: "Jamie I think that you might be so sure you're one in a million that sometimes you forget that out there you're on of eleven. And if you just figure out some way to turn that 'me' into 'us'... the sky's the limit for you."
4. Ted: "Now Ima say this again, just so you didn't think it was a mistake the first time I said it: for me success is not about the wins and losses. It's about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field. And it ain't always easy, Trent, but neither is growing up without someone believing in you." (Folie-lex)

United We Fall - 

1. Dave: "Leaving your mother was the dumbest thing I ever did." Bill: "I find that hard to believe."
2. Bill: "No! Don't take the thing I just said you need to do and then say that I need to do it." Jo: "But you do need to do it." Bill: "Yeah, which you only noticed because I told you you need to do it." Jo: "Oh, so you're admitting you need to do it." Bill: "Wha-...? No, we're only talking about me needing to do it because you needed to do it first!" (Folie-lex)

Yellowstone - 

1. Kayce: "My dad ain't retired." Monica: "Here's what he does all day: He goes on walks with Tate, he goes riding with Tate, he goes fishing with Tate, he plays baseball with Tate. Meanwhile you're working sixteen hours a day doing his job. Both of his jobs, actually. The man is retired."
2. Willa [re: Beth]: "After I get this bitch fired we should hire her."
3. Beth: "Look I gotta show you something. But before I do, want you to know this about me. I know you already know it, but I gotta say it again: Everything I do is for you. To please you. To protect you. And I can tell you what I think is best, with data and facts and zero emotion, but I will do whatever it is you tell me to do." (Folie-lex)

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