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Power Book II: Ghost - Episode 1.02 - Exceeding Expectations - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Press Release
Power Book II: Ghost
Starz - 93 Sun, 9/13, 7:59 PM 1 hr 1 min

"Exceeding Expectations"

New, 9/13/2020, Season 1 / Episode 2 , Drama

Tariq St. Patrick adjusts to the changes that were prompted by a dramatic change in how his world is operated, which includes the death of his father and his mother confronting murder charges for a crime that her son was responsible for.


Promotional Photos

ptq1-102-111419-0497-a.th.jpg ptq1-102-012420-0381-a.th.jpg ptq1-102-110419-0300-a.th.jpg ptq1-102-110519-0696-a.th.jpg ptq1-102-111419-0186-a.th.jpg