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Power Book II: Ghost - Episode 1.01 - The Stranger - Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peek

Press Release

Power Book II: Ghost
Starz - 93 Sun, 9/06, 9:00 PM 1 hr 10 min

"The Stranger"

New, 9/06/2020, Season 1 / Episode 1 , Drama

Starting over at Stansfield University, Tariq St. Patrick is caught in the middle of trying to be a normal university student and following the illicit teaches of his mother and moving products that could threaten his college future.


Promotional Photos

ptq1-101-102419-0517-a-1.th.jpg ptq1-101-101819-0351-a.th.jpg ptq1-101-101519-0288-a.th.jpg ptq1-101-101519-0129-a.th.jpg ptq1-101-101419-0602.th.jpg ptq1-101-101419-0545-a.th.jpg ptq1-101-101419-0272-a.th.jpg ptq1-101-102519-0074-a.th.jpg Powerbook-1.th.jpg ptq1-101-012220-0510-v-a.th.jpg ptq1-101-101119-0132-a.th.jpg