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Lucifer - Season 5A - Teasers Day 4

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Disclaimer:  This is a teaser article and does not contain major spoilers or details of what happens in the episodes. We will post a non-spoiler preview for the season on August 19th at 00:00 BST and a full review after August 21st.

To celebrate the return of Lucifer on Netflix on August 21st we have decided to bring back our highly popular teaser articles from last year, and give you "5 Days of Hell". That's right, it's going to be 5 days of hell leading up to the return of Lucifer to our screens. For the next 5 days, we will be posting teasers, episode previews, and more.

Don't forget to follow our dedicated Lucifer news twitter feed at  @STVLucifer or you can chat with me directly on @CJtheGeek.

You can find previous teasers in the author box below.

6 Days of Hell - Day 4 Preview

Episode 7 and 8 "Out of context" Images

Episode 7 & 8 reactions in GIF's

Episode 7 & 8 Quotes

"What is that sound?" "It's my boobs"

"I couldn't wait to tell you about MY thing"

"Do you ever get the feeling your not good enough for someone"

One Sentence Review - Episode 7 & 8

Things are never going to be the same and that's what keeps the show so interesting.

Things I said out loud while watching - Episode 7 & 8

"I miss them on screen together"

"nope nope nope, I'm glad that's over"

"wow that must have took forever to film"

"well that's how you do a cliffhanger"

CJ's Challenge

Try not to search the release date for Season 5B after the cliffhanger

CJ's Cryptic Clu3



🔧🐨 🍩🦄  

👀 🕹️🦄🤖👃🐎🍩🧛🧚🐅

Check back tomorrow for another day of hell as we wait for Lucifer to return on Netflix on August 21st!

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