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Woke - Season 1 - Promos, Promotional Photos, Episode Synopsis + Premiere Date *Updated 7th August 2020*

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Promotional Photos

Episode Synopsis

S1 Episode 108 ‘Blue Lies Matter’

Months later, Keef thinks he’s finally arrived in a better place until he’s confronted with an unexpected face from the past.

Written By: Conor Galvin & Brittany Miller

S1 Episode 107 ‘Prayers for Kubby’

What should be a quick trip across town instead turns into the bus ride from Hell.

Written By: Jay Dyer

S1 Episode 106 ‘Dap, Peace, F*ck You’

After the events at the salon, Keef and Adrienne discuss how to move forward, Clovis helps Ayana get revenge on her ex-girlfriend, and Gunther tests the bounds of his sexual fluidity.

Written By: Brittany Miller

S1 Episode 105 ‘Oaktown Get-Down’

Keef and his friends head to an Oakland artists’ salon where he hopes to get in the good graces of the East Bay’s artistic elite.

Written By: Marshall Todd

S1 Episode 104 ‘Black People For Rent’

Keef channels his creative energy in a provocative new way.

Written By: Rochee Jeffrey

S1 Episode 103 ‘Gig E. Smalls’

Being “woke” doesn’t pay the bills. It also doesn’t save you from awkward small talk at parties thrown by rich white ladies.

Written By: Keith Knight

S1 Episode 102 ‘What Prequels?’

Keef grapples with the fallout from the previous day’s events while trying to put his life back in order.

Written By: Conor Galvin

S1 Episode 101 ‘Rhymes with Broke’

When up-and-coming cartoonist Keef Knight has a traumatic run-in with the police, he begins to see the world in an entirely new way.

Written By: Keith Knight & Marshall Todd



Will premiere on 9th September 2020.

Ignorance was bliss. Woke, coming to Hulu September 9.

About: New comedy series, Woke, follows Keef, An African-American Cartoonist finally on the verge of mainstream success when an unexpected incident changes everything. Keef must now navigate the new voices and ideas that confront and challenge him, all without setting aflame everything he’s already built.

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