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Quote of the Week - Week of July 12th

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 - 
1. John: "Well, here is what we are working with. They have a lot of guns. Wonkru won't listen to us. I am 150 pounds wet and you can't fight to save your life."
2. Anders: "You need to give up on your selfish love, your motherly instincts." Charmaine: "I can't just turn it off like a robot." Anders: "Then you'd better learn because if you don't come over to the cause, you'll be sent back to Penance one at a time to grow old and die alone."
3. Echo: "Following rules isn't how you win a war." Anders: "Perfect control. That is how we win." (Raina)

Agents of SHIELD - 
1. Deke: "Stand back. There's going to be a big surge of electricity. Electricity's dangerous." Daniel: "Do I look like a Neanderthal to you?" Enoch: "I spent time with a tribe of Neanderthals. Agent Sousa does not resemble one. He lacks the characteristic brow ridges."
2. Jiaying: "Sweetheart, remember when I would read you stories 'til you fell asleep? What would I always say at the beginning?" Kora: "I'm not a child anymore." Jiaying: "I'd say, 'Some stores have witches and dragons and bad men, and I will always protect you from all of it.'" Kora: "You didn't protect me. You protected the world from me."
3. Elena: "I could accept it when it was some alien poison. But now? I'm never gonna get my powers back." Melinda: "You'll bounce back. Always have." Elena: "Maybe I'm not supposed... to." Melinda: "What is it?" Elena: "I don't have to bounce back." (Raina)

Hightown - 
1. Jackie: "First day we met? I lied. I never seen a dead body before in my life. And now everywhere I go there's fucking death."
2. Ray: "You blew up my life for fucking what? Huh? For that piece of shit?" Renee: "Fuck you. He's the father of my kid, alright? What'd you expect?" Ray: "What you're so fucking broken, you can't handle a guy being nice to you?" Renee: "You were using me too." Ray: "Oh, I was using you? How? How the fuck was I using you?" Renee: "Oh, come on Ray, it was transactional. You know that as well as I do." Ray: "I fucking loved you." (Folie-lex)

Perry Mason - 
1. Mr.Baggerly: "This church can no longer afford to teeter on the whims of hysterical women." Elder Brown: "We need to prepare a statement renouncing what the Sister promised under her seizure." Mother McKeegan: "Sister receives messages from God. Those messages are the bedrock of our church." Elder Brown: "Absurdity! The cruelty, of suggesting that she could bring the child back from the dead." Mother McKeegan: "You cannot pick and choose which messages to believe based on your convenience." Mr.Baggerly: "We decided this as a group." Mother McKeegan: "Away from hysterical women."
2. EB: "I'm the lawyer here!" Della: "Then act like one, goddammit! And that may be your name, but those associates? That's me."
3. Perry: "[My dad] wanted me to see what a man who worked behind a desk looked like." EB: "What does he look like?" Perry: "Good as ever." (Folie-lex)

Snowpiercer - 
1. Layton: "You knew I'd have to cut them." Melanie: "I knew the choice would be yours. It's what we live with, every second of our existence. You have the Train Layton."
2. Layton: "Our message to everyone right now is very simple: This train is yours now. Tonight we pass through Chicago, where all of this started. Mark it with your loved ones. It's a brand-new revolution."
3. Ruth: "Well... survival doesn't need love, does it?" Melanie: "That's what I got so wrong. There's nothing more important than love." (Folie-lex)

Stargirl - 
1. Courtney: "Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith." Rick: "Right before you fall on your face." Courtney: "I put faith in all of you and I'm still on my feet."
2. Dr. King: "No matter whose mind I peer into, vile thoughts fill up their brains and in turn mine. I've learned the truth about humanity. At their very core, people are monsters. I hate them."
3. Courtney: "Behind the pain and the fear, it's all about love. People want to love and be loved." (Folie-lex)

United We Fall - 
1. Jo: "How old are you, Jane?" Jane: "Twenty three." Jo: "And do you have children, Jane?" Bill: "It's not good when she starts saying your name in..." Jo: "Not now Bill." Bill: "Okay."
2. Kendra: "Um, we care about the environment, So Casper is our only child." Jo & Bill: "Ooooooh! Okay..." Jo: "So you guys don't know anything." Casper Sr: "I'm sorry?" Bill: "It's alright. No need to apologize."
3. Mrs.Molina: "I like kids. But I hate parents. No offense." Jo: "Are you kidding? we hate parents too!" (Folie-lex)

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