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Love, Victor - Spring Fling - Review

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I must start by saying, the music was spot on in this episode. Kudos. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Victor is a man on a mission. He walks into school carrying the note for Benji, slipping it into his locker once the coast is clear. I hope that was the right locker because they all look the same to me. Actually, it must be the right locker because there’s no time for another complication. After all, it is the season finale. Victor must know the locker number—creepy or cute? I’m going to go with observant.

Once Victor has completed his mission, he meets up with Felix in the hallway and they talk about the whys of Mia still not knowing that her boyfriend is gay. Victor wants her to have one more amazing night before he rips a hole in her world and shreds her heart. I believe Victor. I believe that he believes that one great night is going to somehow make the blow a bit softer. It’s a ridiculous idea, but it comes from a place of love. He isn’t going to get away with it, but his heart is in the right place.

Weird theater class girl, Wendy (Abigail Killmeier), asks Felix to the dance, so Lake lies and says she too has a date. I know this is supposed to show me that Lake really does care about Felix. Here’s the thing, I don’t doubt that Lake likes Felix. I know she does, but her behavior makes her unworthy, and this little display does nothing to change my mind. Anyway, Lake bulldozes her way into a date with one of Andrew’s sports ball friends, Kieran (Charlie Hall).

On a completely superficial note, Mia’s school outfit is incredibly cute. I realize I may be the only one that was focused on her early wardrobe choices, but her fashion choices have really improved over the season.

Harold is being a cute dad, geeking a bit over Mia’s first formal. Veronica is still trying to build a relationship with Mia. Mia rejects the offer of jewelry, but also makes some big strides by sharing some of her feelings. She wants Harold and Veronica to be happy, and she’ll wrap her head around the marriage and the baby, but that’s as far as she’s willing to go. Even with this forward movement, Mia’s still someone dealing with abandonment issues. Obviously, Mia is doing this to keep herself safe. If she never builds a relationship with Veronica, it won’t hurt when she leaves her because that’s how Mia views the world. Always waiting to be left. Always feeling that she isn’t worthy of time or love.

The couples gather at the Salazar’s before the dance. Felix and Wendy bond over homemade beauty products and Lake acts the fool. I think I like this strange theater girl that makes her own eyeshadow from beets. She’s the Luna Lovegood of the Simonverse. Are we still allowed to talk about the characters the lady in the Scottish castle invented? Is it too soon? No matter. Armando and Isabel are getting along, playful teasing over picture taking ensues. Victor notes that they seem good, and they say they are going to figure out how to be better for the kids. I’m not fooled. Them making it better no doubt involves a word that sounds like separation.

Lake steals Mia away from Victor at the dance, which gives Victor and Benji an opportunity to make sad heart eyes at one another. Benji follows Victor into the bathroom and they talk about the kiss they shared. Shared. Andrew emerges from a stall because of course they weren’t alone. Kids these days are such amateurs. Everyone knows you always always check for feet. If the topic of discussion is more serious—international espionage or contract killing—you push all the stall doors open. Benji has forgiven Victor for the kiss they shared. As you can see, I’m still not over the one sided kiss narrative. Andrew looked the ass emerging from the stall. Andrew, my man, I’m trying to like you, but you make it so hard. Victor goes after him and tries to explain but Mia interrupts. Andrew stands smug with one of the jerks that wrote on Felix’s face at Mia’s house party.

Review break to make note of the obligatory dance scene. There was an obligatory dance scene. It’s where everyone pretends they are in a musical. Lake did some sort of sexy fist pump dance thing that transported us all to a decade none of us remember, but did remind me of my high school theater days. Here is the audience looking through Felix’s eyes. He’s smitten. I’m still not on board.

Oh, Pilar. What happened to us? She ambushes Felix and proceeds to interrogate him about Victor’s life. Pilar, I’m gonna need you to enjoy the dance. Otherwise, you could have stayed home and cornered Victor some other day. Maybe shine a desk lamp in his face. Threaten him with Adrian’s Elsa wand. Something other than stomp around the dance.

In another corner of the dance, Andrew is just staring at Victor like a background enforcer in a mob movie. Give me a break man. While I agree with you on Mia needing to know the truth, stop trying to be the morality police when your interest here is totally selfish. Meanwhile, Dumb Derek is being dumb. He feels weird being at a high school dance with his high school boyfriend. Imagine dating someone in high school and having their activities be high school related. Strange. Here comes Pilar. She’s continuing her investigation and ruining lives by questioning an unprepared Benji. That was not smooth, Benji. It’s almost like he wants to get caught because Derek might be dumb, but he isn’t clueless.

Felix cuts in on Victor and Mia to talk about Pilar's clumsy “burn it all down” investigative style. Victor sees Benji and Derek fighting and realizes he’s the likely cause, but he can’t step into the fray because he needs to intercept Andrew who is approaching Mia. Complicated and messy. We knew it was coming. I’m entertained.

Andrew and Victor talk. He tells Andrew he loves Mia just not in a way that will ever involve sexy times. Andrew says he won’t tell everyone about Victor, but he also tells Victor he isn’t being fair to Mia. Victor brings up his one great night idea, but that idea is a bust at his point. It seems like he’s spent more time away from Mia than with Mia. Just as Victor and Andrew are coming to an understanding, a quarreling Derek and Benji enter stage left. Andrew makes a quick exit as Victor tries to fix Derek and Benji. The fact that Victor and Benji make heart eyes at one another while standing with Derek is probably a bad look. Victor waxes poetic about Benji and takes the blame for the kiss. I’m not going to say it, but you know.

Lake is bored by Kieran and has a meeting at the punch bowl with Felix. Can we talk about the disparity? Lake is spinning lies to uphold her image to Felix. Someone that doesn’t care about image. Felix is keeping it honest even if it isn’t cute because no one wants to hear about Wendy’s bandaids. Lake isn’t being real. Felix is always real, and in keeping with his amazing self, he tells Lake that he just wants her to be happy.

Victor is outside moping or hiding or contemplating. I’m not actually sure what he’s doing, but it’s something involving emotions. Benji joins Victor on the bench and says he broke up with Derek. He finally realized that Derek makes him “feel bad about the stuff he likes to do.” He wants to be with someone that doesn’t make him feel anxious all the time. He wants to be with someone who he can be himself with, and that person is Victor. Victor feels the same way. They kiss. For the record, Benji initiates the kiss, but they need to talk. They have the Mia conversation. They have the you can’t even admit you’re gay conversation. Victor says he’s going to handle both of those things, so they kiss some more. It’s an excellent kiss. Mia sees the enthusiastic kissing. As a member of the audience, you are torn. This is where the story was always headed, and you’re excited for Victor and Benji, but you hurt for Mia.This is Victor’s story though, so the action stays with him as he runs a hand through Benji’s hair before going back to the dance. We get one more lingering look and a sigh.

Victor and Mia are named King and Queen of the Spring Fling. Am I the only one imagining a Carrie at prom scene? Neither of them make it to the stage. Mia is crying to Andrew before they make a hasty exit. Victor is in hot pursuit. Lake quickly assesses the situation, accepts on Mia’s behalf, and invites Felix to accept for Victor. Then she makes a public declaration about liking Felix. Yep, too soon for me, and I’m not here for it. I’ve seen too many teen movies to be moved by this moment. I need heavier lifting from Lake. They kiss on stage yada blah yada blah blah.

Outside, Victor catches up with Mia and Andrew. He tries to explain, but Mia is too wounded to deal with his excuses. When Victor declares Mia his “favorite person,” it's a small victory for platonic friendships between men and women. Seriously, we need more of that on television. A skulking Pilar emerges and makes everything about her. Good grief. Yes, Pilar you’re hurting, but now isn’t the time. Read the room. Were we all really this way?

Andrew takes Mia home and she invites him inside. Yikes. The innuendo jumps off the screen, but Andrew turns her down. He wants to be more than her sex bear or rebound. Mia has to confront her sadness. All of her sadness. She ends up crying in Veronica’s arms. We knew this was coming. A few episodes ago, I would have said I didn’t want this and declared it too cliche. I’ve changed my mind. Mia needs this. She's taking and Veronica is willing to give, but I don't think the bond will hold.

Victor and Pilar walk home arm in arm. It’s unclear whether or not he’s told her the truth, but their closeness leads me to believe he’s told her. Once home, Victor tells his parents he has something to tell them. Then Isabel says they also have something to say. Then Isabel and Armando go first. What?!?!?! Sorry, this is bad writing or bad parenting. When your child says they have to tell you something, you should let them go first. Are they safe? Are they okay? Are the police right behind them? Is someone dead? I get it, they want Victor to have the final words of the season, so the order was born of necessity, but it’s just a glaring misstep. There had to be another way.

Armando and Isabel are finally doing something good for the family. They are separating to see if they belong together because they aren’t okay. They’ve both changed and need to see if they still work as a couple. I’m happy for them. It’s what they need and the right thing for the family. A house divided and all that. Victor almost leaves without telling his parents his truth, but he finally finally takes Simon’s advice, and turns to say “I’m gay.”

Well, we’ve come to the end of the road, my friends. Here’s hoping for a Season 2 because I have questions and demands. I want answers. What did you think about the way the season ended? What do you hope to see in a potential Season 2?

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