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2020 Character Cup - Pictures Needed & Wish List

11 Jul 2020

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Predictions and Wish List:

In case you missed it, the prediction contest started yesterday so please use the link below to make your predictions. Back by request is also the wish list brackets for those of you, like me, whose predictions and wish list are vastly different. I'd love to have you join us because the more participation we have, the more exciting the contest is. Make sure you put your name in the title of the predictions so I can credit you.

Prediction Contest
Prediction Contest Rules
Wish List Brackets

Pictures Needed:

The first round of the 2020 Character Cup will start on Sunday or Monday, depending on where you live. Until then, I'm assigning homework. (What can I say? I'm a teacher.) I need good headshot pictures of ALL of the characters. Otherwise your favorite character is stuck with the first picture I find on Google. The guidelines are below. You can send them to me via Twitter @dahne1 or put them in the comments below. Thanks in advance for your help in this. It's a tremendous time saver for me.

Picture Guidelines:

1. Must be clear (not blurry), clothed and PG please!
2. Clearly shows the character's face
3. Is just the character, NOT a group thing
4. Must be the character and not the actor (no premiere party or tabloid photos)
5. No gifs - jpeg or png only please

Character Videos:

Character Videos:  Also, last year people overwhelmingly said that they wished there were videos spotlighting the characters. If you know of a good video, please send me the link on Twitter or put it here. Thanks so much for ALL of your help!