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Roswell, New Mexico - Mr. Jones - Review

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This week on the finale of Roswell, New Mexico Liz destroys the alien device and saves the carnival. Rosa somehow saves Max. Flint is alive. Maria is alive but refuses to suppress her visions any longer and breaks up with Michael. Gregory shoots Jesse and kills him. Alex is finally free of his father and sings a song about Michael. Michael seems to think there’s hope for them but leaves. Alex kisses Forrest. Michael and Isobel learn more about what Nora went through. Max destroys Liz’s lab when Diego takes some other scientist there. She’s furious and leaves for California to work for those same people. Rosa goes back to rehab. Liz cured Steph. Isobel, Michael, and Max discover a secret passageway and find the man who Nora was so afraid of, and he happens to look exactly like Max (but with a beard). 

A bit anticlimactic: So, am I the only one who felt that everything at the carnival was solved a bit too quickly? With all of those cliffhangers last week, I just expected it to take up a bit more of the episode. Liz quickly defuses the alien device, Rosa somehow brings Max back, Maria is already at the hospital and she’s fine, Gregory shoots his dad. I was just disappointed because to me last week’s episode felt more exciting than the actual finale. Bad idea: Speaking of which, I expected Maria to still be very sick. I mean, look at her when they brought her into the hospital. But with a few injections and because she’s only a quarter alien, she was fine. Look, I’m glad she’s fine, but we didn’t even get to see her be saved. We went from very sick to pretty much healthy. Anyway, her health may not last long now that she’s taken off her alien protection. I mean, I sort of get it. She thinks these visions will help her save people. But she’s seen what this has done to her mother’s mental health. I would be terrified of going down the same road. It’s like she’s signing away her life here. She’s decided that this is her path, which is why she’s now pushing Michael away. I expect we’ll see plenty more on this next season. 

I no longer like you: Yeah, Diego is no longer welcome here. I mean, I had some bad vibes last week when he snuck into Liz’s lab. He must have gotten in, otherwise, he wouldn’t have called that other scientist in. So, he knows what Liz is working on. But going behind her back like that, that’s not okay. I’m pretty sure something like this is a huge violation in the scientist community. I have a bad feeling about Liz going to work for these people. I’m guessing them sponsoring her dad’s citizenship is a huge factor here but she has to be suspicious of them now, right? 

Was that really your only option? Oh, Max. I know he didn’t have a lot of time to decide on what to do about Diego and that scientist going into Liz’s lab but blowing up seemed like a last resort, not the thing you try first. He didn’t even bother to call her. He could’ve tried to move that stuff, or hide it. When he was doing it, my first thought was “She’s going to murder him.” I would. I think after that she was more than ready to get out of town. 

MVP: Alex is finally free of his father, which means he can finally start to heal from everything his father put him through. Despite the fact that Alex always fought back against Jesse, there was still a part of him that wanted to please his father. But nothing was ever good enough. But you know what, now that I think about it, being gay probably saved Alex from becoming like Flint. Because of his sexuality, Jesse always considered him as lesser. But Flint was his perfect son, so he focused all of his attention on him until he had his perfect brainwashed hateful soldier. Now that Jesse is finally out of Alex’s life for good, he can start to heal, but for Flint, it might be too late. 
So proud: Someone else who is doing very well, is Rosa. Now that her powers aren’t flaring up all the time, it seems that her recovery is going much better. I’m glad she stood up to her mother. It really shows how far she’s come when earlier in the season this made her spin out. I hope we see more of her next season and that, once her addiction is more under control, we can see her start to train her powers. 

Is this Orphan Black? Yeah, that ending was crazy. So what does this mean for Max? Is he some kind of clone? And why did Max touching that alien device suddenly release this guy? This cliffhanger definitely left me with a lot of questions that we’ll hopefully get answers to next season. 

Best quotes: Gregory: “I should’ve defended you from him a long time ago.” 
Jenna: “Like, I just think that women should tell other women when they’re beautiful, you know?” 
Isobel: “There, now can we all cowboy up and focus, please?” 

That’s it for this season. Let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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