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Performer of The Month - Staff Choice Most Outstanding Performer of May (TIE) - Marie Avgeropoulos

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This article was written by Aimee Hicks, Doug Greer, Ellys Cartin, Luana Arturi, María Sol, and Marko Pekic. The article was edited by Donna Cromeans (DJRiter). The open and close of the article were written by Aimee Hicks. Prepared for publishing by Aimee Hicks.

Octavia Blake, rebel teenager turned hardened warrior, has gone on a long hard journey over seven seasons of the CW’s The 100. The audience got to watch the young rebellious teenager grow into an independent warrior who transformed into a loyal soldier that then went on to become a brutal Queen only to find herself in exile on a foreign planet. She has lost people that she loved and even lost herself for quite some time. She is a character with a chip on her shoulder. She has done battle with fierce opponents and combated her own darkness. She has faced her own mortality many times and come out stronger on the other side. Octavia Blake is a character that not just anyone could have embodied through this turbulent journey. Marie Avgeropoulos has proven throughout the years that she is a force to be reckoned with. Throughout injuries and tough acting environments, she has kept fighting on, fueling Octavia with high octane blood and energy. Octavia is the unforgettable force of nature that she is because of Avgeropoulos. In the hands of any other actress, Octavia probably would have fallen flat in her journey.

This is a character that required an actress that could handle all the multifaceted complex layers that make Octavia who she is and Avgeropoulos does it with seeming ease. The writers were able to take Octavia on this intense tumultuous journey because they knew they had an actress that could handle the emotional and physical aspects of the character. For seven seasons now the audience has become very well acquainted with the tough as nails version of Octavia and it is a side of her that Avgeropoulos has perfected in portraying. That's why it was such a brilliant shock when in The Garden (7x2) the writers threw Octavia a curveball and isolated her on a faraway planet with her one-time mortal enemy turned best friend and had her deliver said friend's daughter. It was jarring to see Octavia so vulnerable after so many seasons of only seeing her tough side. Avgeropoulos has a natural gift of expressing emotion and from the first profound moment she held the young infant playing Baby Hope the audience could see something change in Octavia. Avgeropoulos portrayed a large portion of that change with her expressively warm eyes and body language alone. There was a seismic shift the moment Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) passed out and Octavia was left alone to tend to the newborn. At that moment, Avgeropoulos dropped the tough girl act that Octavia puts up as a defense and was just a loving Aunt who would do anything for the child in her arms. She portrayed a warmth in Octavia that has rarely, if ever, been seen before. Throughout every scene she had with the young actresses playing Hope (Elizabeth Truman/Amber Taylor/Nevis Unipan), she made sure that Octavia's unconditional love for the child was clearly evident and found the right emotional beats to show Octavia reflecting back her own parenting skills to what Bellamy (Bob Morley) had done for her. Avgeropoulos also seemed very well composed in her handling of the young actresses. She never failed to look them directly in the eyes and be as present for them as she would any of her adult co-stars. Seeing a performer be that present and caring to a child actor is a true testament to their own personal character. It's also a testament to her acting ability that throughout this journey of seeing Octavia as an Aunt and a maternal figure to Hope, showing her softer side, never once did Octavia ever lose all of her edge. It was always just under the surface where it occasionally threatened to boil over. Avgeropoulos beautifully blended who Octavia once was with the woman she had matured into. All these reasons, and many more that will be discussed below, are why Marie Avgeropolos is one of SpoilerTV's Staff Choice Performers of May.

Continue reading below to find out our thoughts regarding her performance. After reading, please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

Throughout the run of the series, Octavia has gone from a rebellious teenager to a fierce warrior to a Queen to an outcast and finally to an Aunt/Mother figure to Hope (Shelby Flannery). Which version of Octavia have you most enjoyed watching Avgeropoulos bring to life? What about her portrayal of that version of the character most captured your attention?

Aimee: I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the journey Octavia has been on. Through every single stage, Avgeropoulos has made the character the one that I care about the most on the show. Even when she was the twisted Blodreina I was rooting for her to be allowed to find herself and in turn, find redemption. Some of the best work Avgeropoulos does is when Octavia is completely lost and floundering out in the universe trying to find her place. I think that is why I so thoroughly enjoyed seeing her portray Aunty O who finally found a place where she was accepted unconditionally through the innocent eyes of a child. We got to see a soft nurturing side to Octavia that we haven't really seen before. She wanted so badly to get back to her brother, but she also wanted to make sure Hope was able to have a good life. When Octavia thought she was saying goodbye to Hope for the last time, the pain and anguish that Avgeropoulos infused into her eyes really highlighted the struggle she was having at potentially never seeing her makeshift family ever again, especially the little girl who I'm convinced Octavia sees as a daughter. While I adored fierce warrior Octavia who will gladly kill first and ask questions later, I have been impressed by the redemption arc that Avgeropoulos has been guiding Octavia through. So while we don't know how this Aunty O storyline will play out just yet, I have to say that this version of Octavia has been one of my favorites because it has allowed us to see a whole new layer of the vast range Avgeropoulos is capable of.

Doug: My favorite Octavia will always be Season 4, bad-ass Conclave winner Octavia. She was fierce, she was cunning, and she tried to unify humans (even though we know the events in the Bunker took a turn for the worse).

Ellys: I firmly believe Octavia is the most incredible character The 100 has produced, and the show has always held her up as one of the heroes; she's been through hell and high water and sometimes pummeled others with fire and flood. There are few actors I can imagine being able to carry their character through such a variety of tribulations the way Avgeropoulos has done for Octavia. She always preserved her character's humanity, the complex storm of bottled rage, and boundless empathy that defines Octavia. Season 5 introduced Octavia as Blodreina, the darkest version of herself, a warrior Red Queen with blood on her hands. The origin story of Blodreina was withheld until late in the season, a controversial decision, and it fell to Avgeropoulos to instead reveal the truth without revealing it, through her performance. She delivered all the righteous fury, violent desperation, and determined zeal to show us who Octavia still was, despite her new position. In The Dark Year (5x11), the show finally confirmed what Avgeropoulos had been telling us the whole season: the blood on Octavia's hands was put there in an act of sacrifice when she did what no one else had the strength to do for her people to survive. This brings us to another noteworthy aspect of Avgeropoulos's performances over the years. She has always been playing an outsider, as Octavia never truly belonged with any group, no matter how much she tried. Her bonds were to individuals, which also resulted in Avgeropoulos rarely acting opposite the same cast members for any extended period. She has had to build more relationships from scratch than anyone else, which is why it has been an especial treat to see her work alongside Ivana Milicevic these past couple seasons.

Luana: I have to say I enjoyed the warrior version of Octavia the most. But, after the whole journey it feels right to see a more grown-up Octavia whose character is enriched by all the phases she went through. You can see how all of it informs her actions now.

María: I think I have enjoyed every stage of her character's development. I've found that this last one is one of the most interesting because it allows us to see that, despite having lived all those difficult and dark situations that at one point made her hit rock bottom until it seemed that she was going towards a point of no return and having to fight even her darkest self, she managed to recover her essence along the way. Now we could see her as we hadn't seen her many times before, with a quiet and to some extent, normal life.

Marko: The rise to warrior Octavia. It was a very well layered journey for Octavia and Avgeropoulos was able to explore the character through good writing and quality screen time. One thing The 100 has mostly done right was giving the characters enough time and development. And through the period between Seasons 2 to 4, Octavia had such strong development and she used this momentum so well to craft the One crew Queen we witnessed in Season 5.

Octavia's story in this episode focused entirely on her time on Skyring with Diyoza and Hope. What part of this episode do you think best showcased Avgeropoulos? Was there a particular moment that stood out to you the most in the way she portrayed Octavia's ten-year journey on Skyring?

Aimee: There was a clear beginning, middle, and end for Octavia's arc in this episode. We got to see her mature a lot. Diyoza has been a steadfast mentor and friend to Octavia ever since their unlikely bond began in the Season 5 finale. The scene where Octavia delivered Hope was just a beautiful moment and Avgeropoulos captured all the confusion that came with the moment as well as all the emotions around holding a newborn. That immediate attachment that can occur even if you don't share a drop of blood with that child. As an Aunt myself to three beautiful nieces I still remember holding each of them for the very first time and it is an experience the likes of which can't really be fully described, but she did a beautiful job of capturing the raw emotions of it. Add into that the fact that it is the first time that I think we've ever seen Octavia truly terrified, and it was a powerful scene. My favorite moment is the scene where Octavia said goodbye to Hope and proceeded to be confronted by Diyoza who literally shattered her final hope of getting home to her brother. That visceral impulsive way that Avgeropoulos had Octavia charge at Diyoza brought back to the forefront that this woman is a warrior at her core and her default setting will always be to fight. I really loved the moment when they were on the ground and Avgeropoulos was being held in a faux chokehold by Milicevic as the two delivered a scene that barreled towards an emotional breaking point for Octavia. Normally performers rely on visual cues combined with verbal ones to be able to hit the right timing for their line delivery. In this case, her back was to her scene partner and she had no line of sight to see what Milicevic was doing. She had to rely on trust in her scene partner and lots of experience to hit the exact right point in Diyoza's tough love speech to start to show Octavia fall apart. She hit the mark perfectly and was able to then take the baton from Milicevic and bring the emotional scene to a heartbreaking conclusion as Octavia broke down at the realization she'd likely never see her brother again to tell him that she finally understood all that he did for her. We've seen Octavia breakdown before, but there was something quite different about the way Avgeropoulos delivered this scene. There was defeat in Octavia's eyes and in her body language. As the camera pulled away, she collapsed to the ground to show Octavia's realization and acceptance of the fate she was now confronted with, there was no fight left in her at that moment. It was a turning point for Octavia and I'm not sure if it was written to read like this, but to me, it was the breaking point where Octavia the rebel accepted her fate as Aunty O. We saw so much maturity in Octavia throughout this episode, but this scene I think gave us the birth of a new version of Octavia that we will be following for the rest of the season. Given how critical this scene seemingly is to Octavia's overall journey, I think Avgeropoulos nailed it in a very impactful way.

Doug: While the goodbye with Young Hope followed by her fight with Diyoza was probably her best-acted scene, I most connected with her letter to Bellamy. Avgeropoulos had a big undertaking this episode: show her steps towards redemption and peace over 10 years in just a few scenes, and I think how bittersweet her letter to Bellamy felt, illustrated that she was successful in how she told that story. As an aside, it was also powerful to see her hide Hope in the walls of the house given how similarly that mirrors how she started her arc: a girl hiding in the floor from the authorities. I'll be curious to see if the writers draw more parallels between Hope and Octavia throughout the season.

Ellys: When Octavia first arrives on Skyring and rushes to Diyoza's side, Avgeropoulos gets to run the full gamut of emotional responses, which makes the scene such a tender comedy. Her split-second astonishment at learning how much time has passed is perfect. You also see the exact moment that Octavia sets aside her (very naturally performed) discomfort with assisting in a birth and digs into her pluck to help Diyoza get the job done. The happy confusion that Avgeropoulos fills the scene with instantly establishes the emotional foundation of the episode.

Luana: For me it was most assuredly the scene where she breaks down in Diyoza's arms and tells her the real reason she's so hell-bent in contacting Bellamy. You can see her guilt and how much the possibility of him living with his own guilt eats at her.

María: Undoubtedly, one of the moments to me that seemed to be the most outstanding in Avgeropoulos' performance in this episode was the scene in which she was preparing to cross the anomaly. From the moment she was saying goodbye to Hope until she realized that there was no way out and ended up accepting that now the child and Diyoza are her family. During the whole episode, we could see that, despite being happy with her life in this new planet, she saw it as something temporary, because her goal was always to return to Bellamy's side and the others. So, seeing her hopes go up in smoke was a breaking point for Octavia, and Avgeropoulos had the opportunity to show us a wide range of different emotions. First the sadness and nostalgia of saying goodbye to Hope, but at the same time the motivation of knowing that she would soon see her brother, then the anger she felt against Diyoza for ending her illusions, and finally the break down when she confessed that she wanted to let Bellamy know that thanks to the bond she had with Hope, she now understood why he had done everything he had done before.

Marko: Probably the moments she spent with little Hope while working on their garden. It showed how Octavia emotionally matured and how she was able to set the past behind her. Avgeropoulos was able to showcase a different side and strength she found in herself to give Octavia. Octavia being Hope’s sort of Bellamy, helping her grow under Diyoza’s guidance had an incredibly special beauty to it. Those scenes showed how far she has come on her journey.

Avgeropoulos has spent seven seasons portraying Octavia as a fierce no-nonsense warrior. Octavia has never really been given a chance to just live her life which meant that her portrayer has been put in just about every uncomfortable situation possible for a performer in a post-apocalyptic show. What did you think about her portrayal of this softer side of Octavia? How do you think portraying this ten year more mature version of Octavia may impact the performance we see from her for the rest of the season?

Aimee: It was especially important for Octavia to have this episode to really launch what is likely in store for her for the rest of the season. When Octavia came back through the anomaly last season, she was clearly changed, even if she didn't necessarily remember what changed her. That Octavia had a lot more maturity guiding her. Avgeropoulos likely didn't know exactly where Octavia's journey was headed, but she made a lot of smart acting choices that allowed this transition to this more mature Octavia feel like a very natural progression. I look forward to seeing more scenes between Avgeropoulos and Milicevic as those two actresses have built an interesting dynamic between their characters. I most look forward to Octavia's reunion with Hope. I think that when adult Hope and Octavia are thrust together again, we'll see a vastly different side of Octavia's protective nature than we've ever seen before. I also think we'll see her act more nurturing, not just to Hope, but to her friends and her brother. Because of the time differential, she is now older than those she left behind and I think Avgeropoulos will be able to really tap into that maturity and continue to showcase this new side to Octavia that is so fascinating to watch. In her hands, it's certainly going to be an emotional and tense action-packed journey to watch unfold.

Doug: While I loved seeing a more peaceful side of Octavia, what I loved, even more, was that the writers and Avgeropoulos kept that warrior fire in her, as evidenced by her instinct to lunge at Diyoza for destroying the helmet. For me, Octavia's journey in The 100 has been about finding her strength and becoming a warrior, so I hope the rest of Season 7 is like Willow's (Alyson Hannigan) arc in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Spoiler Alert) Willow spent the series discovering her power, only to go dark and lose control. She then became fearful of her own power until she finally embraced it for the ultimate good. I hope Octavia has a similar arc throughout Season 7 and, while she may be more peaceful and mature, use that strength and power for the ultimate good in/near the finale and fully redeem herself.

Ellys: She didn’t start out as a no-nonsense warrior, though she was always fierce. The first version of Octavia that Avgeropoulos introduced us to was a little shy and very curious, ready to revel in the beauty and freedom of nature. The onslaught of the tragedy that Octavia faced and endured in the many years after she stepped on Earth slowly scorched away the hopeful side of her character; Avgeropoulos's evolution in the role followed suit. In many ways, Octavia's arrival on Skyring is a literal and metaphorical rebirth with many parallels to the character's arc in early episodes. It's remarkable to watch Avgeropoulos execute ten years of growth in approximately fifteen minutes and what those years have meant for Octavia. In the scene where Diyoza wrestles Octavia to the ground, Avgeropoulos conveys her character's heartbreak and relief in her tearful confession and the reluctant resistance of her body language. This is a woman who didn't want to have to choose between her two families and was both grateful and devastated to have the choice taken from her. While other people are wrestling with the fates of civilizations and humanity itself, it wouldn’t be surprising if Octavia continues to prioritize her family's survival. I would be surprised if we don't see Avgeropoulos add a little more authority to her performance going forward, as her character is now significantly older than almost everyone else.

Luana: Octavia has never been the sensible one, so it will be nice to see this more mature side of her play out, and I can only hope this, together with her already known skills, will make her helpful in the upcoming fight and not a hindrance as she has been at times in the past.

María: As I mentioned before, this version of Octavia is the one that I've found most interesting because of everything that has happened with her in previous seasons, as it shows an important growth not only of the character but also of the actress. I'm looking forward to seeing how she will continue to develop in this facet for the rest of the season, which will certainly not be free of problems, shocks, and complicated moments. That's what will allow Avgeropoulos to continue showing all the layers that her character has.

Marko: Octavia went through all the worst scenarios and seeing this Aunty O take on her character threw me way back to the flashback episode in Season 1. Back in that one episode, we had this calm and scared girl witnessing the "outside" arc world for the very first time and there were some good parallels in this outing. Blodreina was the product of all the terrible things that happened to Octavia throughout her life on Earth and entering life with Hope and Diyoza was an almost clean slate and she flourished underneath it. It is certainly a fresh take on the role as Octavia came to peace with her actions and Avgeropoulos added this peace and momentum to her gesticulation and performance in general.

Thanks to a dynamic character arc, Avgeropoulos got to work opposite a wide array of her fellow castmates. Who do you think she had the strongest chemistry with? Who do you wish she had worked with more?

Aimee: She has impeccable chemistry with all her co-stars. Even the characters that Octavia hated, you could feel the respect that Avgeropoulos had for her scene partner. She knows exactly what to bring to each of her on-screen partnerships to make sure the scene captures the right emotions between the characters. I think she and Bob Morley have had the strongest chemistry from the beginning. Their scenes are always full of so much emotion, respect, and love, even when their characters were at odds you could feel and see the strength of the sibling bond of their characters. I would like to have seen, and still hope that we will see, more scenes between Avgeropoulos and Tasya Teles (Echo) and Milicevic. I like how similar that Echo and Octavia are, and I think Avgeropoulos has a fun chemistry with Teles as they portray the tense respect their characters have for each other. I also want to see her work more with Milicevic. The friendship that blossomed between Octavia and Diyoza last season was a breath of fresh air for the series. I also think that Avgeropoulos and Milicevic bring a very comparable energy to their scenes and I believe that Diyoza still has a few lessons to teach Octavia before her own story comes to an end. Ultimately, I hope that before the series ends we get to see her interact at least a little bit with all the other regulars for one final showcase of the acting partnerships.

Doug: I've loved her relationship Adina Porter. It was always so much fun to watch Octavia and Indra interact and see how Indra's influence helped Octavia find her strength. I do wish Avgeropoulos had more interaction with Lindsey Morgan, mostly because Octavia and Raven are my favorite characters and I could write an entire book on how I think Raven has been underutilized.

Ellys: We've been supremely blessed to have gotten Avgeropoulos in so many strong pairings. She held her own against the show's biggest hitters, including Adina Porter, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, and Ivana Milicevic. I would have loved (and may still get my wish) to see her in more scenes with Tasya Teles, whether as allies or antagonists.

Luana: Her scenes with Bob Morley have always been great, clearly, but I have to say I really miss Lincoln (Ricky Whittle). I am, though, a fan of strong women working together so I would've loved to see her interact more with Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) or Raven. With the show ending, I don't see any of that happening but teaming up with Echo could still be possible, so we'll see.

María: The chemistry with Bob Morley has been very important clear from the beginning, the very special bond between Octavia and her brother Bellamy, which has transformed and has been marked by the changes of each character in the different stages they have gone through. Also, since last season, I really liked how her relationship with Diyoza was strengthened to the point of becoming family since they both felt identified with each other by being isolated and banished from the rest of the group, although I also think that her interactions in earlier seasons with Lincoln and Indra are also noteworthy since those relationships contributed to her character development in different ways. For some time now, Octavia has had a journey that has separated her from the "main group" at certain moments, so I would've liked to see her interact more with them as a team, rather than be at odds with them as has happened sometimes.

Marko: The wicked relationship between the Blake siblings is certainly what drove Avgeropoulos’ Octavia the most. They grow and die under the same sun and the chemistry between them is just off the charts. Their codependency and the way they are connected through their past is something that made both characters evolve throughout the series. And even in The Garden Octavia made it clear how much Bellamy and his opinion of her mean to her. Besides that, Octavia’s relationship with Indra and Lincoln were the ones where she got the best development. I wished we saw more of Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Octavia and Murphy (Richard Harmon) and Octavia. Those are characters that polarize just as Octavia does and I think there was much more room for fruitful interactions between them.

As this final season plays out, what do you most want to see Avgeropoulos get to portray? What do you think/hope Octavia's final fate will be?

Aimee: Like I mentioned above, I want to see Avgeropoulos get to portray the more nurturing side to Octavia now that she is the older one of the group. I want to see Octavia mentor and nurture adult Hope the same way she loved and cared for her as a child. I don't expect Diyoza to survive the series, but I hope that I'm proven wrong, but in the event I'm right, I'd like to see Octavia fully slide into a motherly role with Hope. The young girl was sheltered by her mom and Aunt, but in the ten or more years she has been isolated from them there has been a bit of darkness seep into her. Avgeropoulos more than proved in this episode that she is capable of portraying a maternal and nurturing version of Octavia. I would like to see a happy ending for Octavia where she gets everything she always wanted, to be with her brother and friends while also having Hope with her. Given the journey that Octavia has been on, she deserves a permanent happy ending that lasts more than ten years. Bonus points to the show if Diyoza does actually survive allowing Octavia to have her makeshift Skyring family and her brother all in her life at the same time. Avgeropoulos has stated that Octavia will get the ending she deserves. That could mean any multitude of things, from a happy ending to a warrior's end, but if she sees it as a fitting end then I look forward to watching the journey that the writers and Avgeropoulos take us on to get to that final endpoint, whatever it may be.

Doug: Like what I said above, I really hope she harnesses her power and strength for the right reasons. I want to see Avgeropoulos/Octavia struggle with a morally ambiguous decision and make the right choice after previous choices took her to such dark places. In terms of final fate, she's top of my list of who I want to see survive, but she's also at the top of my list of who I think won't. I worry that in the eyes of the writers, her relationships are so broken from her past choices that the only way to redeem herself is through sacrifice. I am hoping to be proven wrong, however!

Ellys: I want confirmation that Octavia has forgiven herself, that she's able to let her past as Blodreina go, and I would sure like some other characters to apologize for letting her carry that burden alone.

Luana: I'm hoping we get to finally see her make peace with her brother. As for her fate, I know she's tried before, but I wouldn't be surprised if she sacrificed herself to save others.

María: I consider Octavia to be one of the characters in The 100 that has had the most development from the beginning. She has suffered a lot and went through many troubles, and certainly, in the remaining episodes, she will surely experience more situations that will put her on the edge, which is why I think she deserves to survive and have a happy ending with a hopeful future. I'd like to see her to completely rebuild her relationship with Bellamy and to be able to rejoin the group ... or what's left of it in the end.

Marko: This is a particularly good question and very tough to answer. As already stated, Octavia went through so much and Avgeropoulos got so much great material to work through, but I wish the show will eventually give her the possibility to have a couple of episodes of peace. Where she has settled down and put the armor down. As for her final fate, I hope she will find peace and eventually be able to talk it out with Bellamy. We don’t know how much of Bellamy we’ll get this season but I hope it is enough to give Octavia the much-needed peace. I could see the writers choosing her to die for her brother or the other way around, but they need to talk it out before.

What are your final thoughts on her winning this recognition?

Aimee: I was thrilled when she won, even if it was via a tie. She is an unsung hero of the show and doesn't get nearly the recognition she deserves given the truly awe-inspiring arc she has taken Octavia on over the past seven seasons. She has such an impressive emotional range and has a beautiful way of expressing emotions. I am grateful this opportunity came about to be able to honor her performance in this final season. She has impressed me from the start of the series and continues to impress me with each passing episode. She truly earned this recognition by delivering a powerful performance that was in many ways so different from what is normal for her character. She is an impressive talent and I look forward to seeing her take on new characters in future projects.

Doug: Octavia's arc has been my favorite on The 100 and it's due to Avgeropoulos' portrayal. Considering she started as the "hot girl" on a CW show, her character could've been such an afterthought and eye-roll like others who have filled that role in the past. Avgeropoulos and the writers were able to find such depth and create an empowered, badass female character, so I'm beyond thrilled to see her win this recognition.

Ellys: If I had to pick one character to represent The 100, I would pick Octavia Blake, the girl under the floor whose brave heart transformed her into a powerful warrior and a messy savior. Avgeropoulos has spoken in interviews about how her real-life abilities helped shape the qualities of her character. There was no one else who could have given us Octavia, and I'm proud we get the chance to recognize this performance one more time.

Luana: No matter what crazy turns her character's story took, Avgeropoulos always managed to give us a great performance and some brilliant moments. I would not be surprised if there's some more of that coming in the following episodes and I can only hope she's treated with respect when it all ends.

María: TV shows like The 100 are generally not as well recognized by some sectors, which makes performances like Marie Avgeropoulos' often overlooked, so I am very happy that, from our space, we can give her the recognition she deserves for a character as complex and special as is Octavia Blake.

Marko: The 100 is not the first project I have seen Avgeropoulos in and she left an impression on me way before The 100. The emotional and physical ride she took when she embarked on this journey certainly makes her a deserving winner of POTM. I look forward to seeing where and how Octavia`s journey will end. May we meet again.

Marie Avgeropoulos has spent seven seasons impressing the audience and she doesn't seem to be slowing down. It is impossible to predict where Octavia's journey will conclude in this final season, but with Avgeropoulos fueling the fire inside of her, it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable journey. This won't be the end of the line for this talented actress. She has the sort of acting range and athleticism that will keep her busy for a long time to come. Hopefully, her next roles will allow viewers to see her keep growing and impressing for many years and decades to come. For all the reasons mentioned in this article, and many that weren't, Marie Avgeropoulos is one of SpoilerTV's Staff Choice Performers of May.

Please use the comments to discuss all your favorite parts of Marie Avgeropoulos' performance in The Garden.

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