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In The Dark - How To Succeed in Business Without Really Dying & The Last Dance - Double Review

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Season 2 of In the Dark is delivering week after week. With strong writing, peculiar acting, and unexpected twists and character moves the season is shaping up to outdo season 1. The latest two outings of the season brought the season arc to a climax with an impending conclusion that won`t leave a eye dry.

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Dying
Episode 9 of season 2 was quite the turmoil. Another intense and stressful outing for our protagonists as getting caught seems more and more likely with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Clara Aranovich directed the episode written by Anna Fisher.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was Dean getting put through the wringer. Oh, boi! Alan van Sprang`s Chief put him down with a tight leash and tied him to a pole. Sadly Dean is one resourceful SOB and I love to hate him for that. He is a snake and he sneaks his way to where he wants to be. The latest frustration with Chloe getting kicked out of school cause of money issues pushed Dean over the ledge and into desperate territory. So desperate that he released Max out of prison and bugged him up to get Nia down through Murphy. Such an SOB. I repeat I love to hate him and his manipulative ways. This Snake got to get his head cut.

After Jess left Murphy and Felix were trying to get out of Nia`s clutches. And what better than to get under someone else's clutches. Josiah was their first pick and boy that is one despicable dude. Asking for Murphy to strip down made me wanna strangle him. The power Perry gave to Murphy in that scene was just captivating. She was so brave and powerful and wouldn`t let Josiah give her the power he intended to gain out of embarrassing her. The balance of the internal kept in frustration and her "I don`t care attitude" was perfectly executed. I am always stunned by how much some actors can just tell with their body language and Perry Mathews is one fucking gem. Despite my detest for Josiah, I have to give kudos to Maurice Compte. The intimidating energy he exudes is just mesmerizing.

The one major positive we`ve got out of Jess leaving with Sterling are the Felix-Murphy moments. Felix hugging Murphy and she actually allowing it just made my heart warm up. The sadness and loneliness pushed Murphy right into Josh`s pants. Their hook-up to the sounds of Colyer`s Lost in your Love certainly broke some Max-Murphy shipper hearts but it worked wonders for the two of them. It was just what Murphy needed an escape out of the gloomy world she is living in. It also added some levity to the show and pushed the break on all the darkness around Murphy`s current life. Josh and Murphy work well, they have good chemistry and in a not drug smuggling world they might be the perfect match. The information Murphy got from Josh put Murphy and Felix in new peril as they turned into Nia`s Number 1 stash house. The following confrontation between Murphy and Felix was probably the most sincere conversation since Jess`s meltdown. The two of them confessing they enjoy their new extracurricular activities was a great scene. After taking Nia`s drugs, they cut a deal with Josiah, trying to finally be free again.

Benjamin was continuing his downroad spiral. The addiction was taking over and there was nothing holding him back anymore. On the other side of gloomy, Jess and Sterling were living their best life. So good that Jess decided to propose. It was sudden and out of nowhere but it was somehow true to Jess and their relationship. I doubt the idyllic life will go on for too long but let the two enjoy it while they can.

The Last Dance
Episode 10 was finally the episode where we`ve caught up with the Flashforwards and what an episode it was. Intense with one confrontation after the other the episode proved to be one of the best of the season so far. Clara Aranovich directed the episode written by Anna Fisher.

Another episode another opportunity to prove Dean is a snake. I certainly didn`t expect for Dean to get fired but I certainly should`ve expected him to turn to Nia to get his ass settled. The way he sold out the team and Gene was so cold and brutal. Rich Sommer is a strong actor and the way he turned Dean into such a snake since the reveal in season 1 makes me appreciate him a lot more. I don`t like Dean but he is essential to the current story.

After the cliffhanger in the previous episode, Murphy and Max came face to face a couple of times this week. Each encounter broke my shipper heart one piece after the other. Murphy`s breakdown after she realized Max was bugged was heartbreaking. She was in such a poor emotional state cause she felt she betrayed their relationship/love, just to be backstabbed by Max working with Dean. The pain she exuded as she was kicking him out hit way too close to home. Round 2 was happening in Guiding Hope as Felix and Murphy tried to smuggle the drugs away. Every word was burning new scars on their hearts as the pressure was coming down on them hard. I cheered really hard when Murphy asked Max if he took Felix into consideration and put him into the deal. Murphy doesn`t leave her friends behind.

We witnessed a couple more brutal twists as the episode progressed as the trio used Ben to put the drugs into safekeeping while they lure Gene away from Guiding Hope. Unfortunately, Ben joined the Dean`s snake train and hid the drugs from the team. But that wasn`t the biggest blow Ben delivered to the team. He hid the drugs and OD afterward with the location of the drug unknown. Of course, Nia was furious and put all her anger out on Murphy. It was brutal seeing how Nia slapped Murphy
around, each punch and kick hurt like a bitch. Since season 1 Nia was a formidable "villain"/baddie. The way she made moves and treated people was truly intimidating. Nicki Micheaux really embodied some powerful badassery throughout her stay on the show and me stan. In a shocking turn of events, Nia died by the hands of Jess who suddenly was at the bar taking care of business. How she got there and why is a mystery to get resolved next week. I was expecting Dean to come in and take Nia down so he would take her empire but Jess doing this for Murphy had my jaw lying on the floor for quite some time.

With the drugs MIA, Nia dead, and a pissed Josiah on the backburner the final 3 episodes of the season look explosive. What are your thoughts on the last two episodes? And what are your expectations for the remaining 3 episodes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Till next week.

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