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In The Dark - Codependance day - Review: "Double Cross"

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The lines in the In The Dark world are getting blurrier with each episode and episode 8 of the season wasn`t any different. The episode delved a notch deeper into their dysfunctional relationship and crazy storylines and provided more laughs along the way. Steven Tsuchida directed the episode written by Amy Turner.

When Karma comes around it always hits the good guys. So Felix got taken into custody cause his fingerprints were all over the murder case Van. Seeing Felix diahrrea self weasel himself out of his predicaments was precious. Morgan Krantz just as the other main characters are delivering week after week and his transitions between bad predicament to badass were executed tremendously. All the work he does with his face and body language just creates a through experience.

Meanwhile, Murphy and Jess were handling the fallout from the robbery. Josea`s guy took the whole stash and put Darnell and the girls in a pretty bad situation. Murphy and Jess went on a road trip outside of Chicago to score some drugs while Darnell tried to fix the situation. After the girls scored some drugs to cover the missing stash for the most recent drop-off, all the tension building up between the girls came to a peak as Jess couldn`t take it anymore. Jess`s words and pain stroke hard and Broke Markham once again performed an acting marathon. The whole situation was killing her and despite the pain, she caused to Murphy and herself by saying the truth she had to unleash all of it. Jess`s whole world was put upside down and she didn`t know how to live this life without being best friends with Murphy but she had to.

After the fallout, Jess decided to leave Chicago but there was one last drop off she had to make. She sought out Sterling to give her a jacket she took she left at their apartment. She asked Sterling to go with her and a scared to death Sterling went with her beau. Sterling grew some major cajones to protect Jess and got into the crossfire with Sam and Nia. I hope this isn't the last time we see Jess and Sterling cause the show will certainly miss both of them.

To find solace herself, Murphy prepped a drop off with Max. Luckily she had a face-off with Chloe before that. It was a rough confrontation between them, with the truth being at the top of Murphy`s tongue. Murphy was able to control herself and not drop the truth about Tyrone to Chloe. The confrontation provided as a great predicament for Murphy as the accidental cain swap with Chloe prevented her from being busted. In the prison, Max and Murphy had a sweet heart to heart. He always knew how to catch while she was freefalling and she didn`t feel anywhere safer than in his embrace. Sadly Dean in his drug hunt broke the moment and ruined it for all of us. The panic in Murphy`s face and the disbelief in Max`s eyes were just adding so much intensity to the scene.

But the bliss of resurrection won`t last for too long as Dean found the drugs in the staff Chloe was carrying around. Things are heating up and the world surrounding our protagonists seems to continuously fall apart and I can`t wait to see it all fall apart.

This episode didn`t feature any flashforwards and with the day by day episodes, it seems like the story won`t unfold until the penultimate or ultimate episode of the season. So what are your thoughts on the episode? Do you enjoy the pace and story progression? Sound off in the comment section down below and let me know what you think. In the meantime stream the latest eps on the CW APP and watch live Thursdays 8/7 central on the CW:

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