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Doom Patrol - Episode 2.01 - Fun Size Patrol - Sneak Peek (US Only), Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peek

US Only Sneak Peek here [LINK]

Press Release

In the season premiere, Niles, Jane, Cliff, Rita, Vic and Dorothy are still trapped in miniature-size, weeks after the events of last season. Camped out in Cliff’s miniature race-track set up, Dorothy tries to befriend both Cliff and Jane, while Larry does his best to figure out a way to restore everyone to their normal size once again. Meanwhile, Rita asks Vic for help in using her elastic abilities for good, while Jane hides out in the Underground and Niles tries everything to earn forgiveness for his past deeds. In the end though, Niles will have to sacrifice something very precious, by making a bargain with Willoughby Kipling (recurring guest star MARK SHEPPARD) in order to help the team and keep his daughter safe – and the world safe from her imaginary friends.

Christopher Manley directed the episode which was written by Jeremy Carver and Shoshana Sachi. Guest stars in the episode include Mark Sheppard as Willoughby Kipling, Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy Spinner, Julie McNiven as Sheryl Trainor, Michael J. Harney as RJ Steele, Stephanie Czajkowski as Hammerhead, and Mark Ashworth as Rupert.


Promotional Photos

source-DPL201C0217V1.th.jpg source-DPL201C0077V1.th.jpg source-DPL201C0009V1.th.jpg source-DPL201B0665V1.th.jpg source-DPL201B0558V1.th.jpg source-DPL201a0564V1.th.jpg source-DPL201a0516V1.th.jpg source-DPL201a0273V1.th.jpg source-DPL201a0050V1.th.jpg source-DPL201a0013V2.th.jpg source-DPL201a0167V1.th.jpg source-DPL201a0251V1.th.jpg