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Dirty John - Episode 2.04 - More To It Than Fun - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos

NUP_188953_1153.th.jpg NUP_188953_0645.th.jpg NUP_188953_0829.th.jpg NUP_188953_0631.th.jpg NUP_188953_0573.th.jpg NUP_188953_0560.th.jpg NUP_188953_0531.th.jpg NUP_188953_0479.th.jpg NUP_188953_0549.th.jpg NUP_188953_0389.th.jpg NUP_188953_0183.th.jpg NUP_188953_0031.th.jpg NUP_188953_0387.th.jpg NUP_188953_0113.th.jpg
Press Release

Dirty John
USA - 53 Tue, 6/16, 10:00 PM 1 hr

"More To It Than Fun"

6/16/2020, Season 2 / Episode 4 , Drama, Adaptation, Crime

Dan uses psychological manipulation against Betty until she discovers the truth about her relationship and realizes that her life has been a sham.
Credits: Connie Britton (Actor), Eric Bana (Actor), Julia Garner (Actor), Juno Temple (Actor), Jean Smart (Actor)


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