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Council of Dads - Episode 1.08 - Dear Dad - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos

NUP_190044_0080.th.jpg NUP_190044_0178.th.jpg NUP_190044_0435.th.jpg NUP_190044_0458.th.jpg NUP_190044_0464.th.jpg NUP_190044_0493.th.jpg NUP_190044_0600.th.jpg NUP_190044_0841.th.jpg NUP_190044_0855.th.jpg NUP_190044_0871.th.jpg NUP_190044_0887.th.jpg NUP_190044_0964.th.jpg NUP_190044_1169.th.jpg NUP_190044_1203.th.jpg NUP_190044_1242.th.jpg NUP_190044_1436.th.jpg NUP_190044_1505.th.jpg NUP_190044_1584.th.jpg NUP_190044_1688.th.jpg NUP_190044_1704.th.jpg NUP_190044_1724.th.jpg NUP_190044_1728.th.jpg NUP_190044_1748.th.jpg NUP_190044_1815.th.jpg NUP_190044_1839.th.jpg NUP_190044_1858.th.jpg


Press Release




06/18/2020 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Thursday) : Robin and the Council agree to tell Luly a shocking truth and she takes matters into her own hands. Oliver and Peter finally decide to adopt but learn some sobering news about the birth mother. Sam does his best to support Robin and she finds herself falling for him despite the chaos in her life. Kevin Daniels, David Walton and Sharon Leal guest star.


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