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Supergirl - Deus Lex Machina - The Missing Link - Roundtable Review: Lex's Way

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Looking back at the last two weeks we have seen a shift in Supergirl and perhaps new changes on the horizon moving forward.
As Season 5 builds to its finale tonight we have now lost the DEO, Brainy wonder’s if he has made the right choices. Alex needs to find her purpose and Lena finally realizes her quest was merely Lex keeping her in check.
Leviathan who lurks so much is in the shadows it’s hard to believe they were the big bad this season now seems hell-bent of destruction once again and Lex and his nefarious plans might be the only thing that can stop him.

Thank you once again to DJ Riter for her contribution to this article.

Supergirl 5x17 Deus Lex Machina

This episode showcases Lex (Jon Cryer) once again doing it his way, do you feel it gave an explanation for all the events we have witnessed and do you believe Lex has been the true villain all along? He believes he is manipulating Leviathan into doing exactly what he wants, is he really? Or does Leviathan know his true motives and are the ones, who are manipulating him?

Donna (DJRiter): Much like last year’s House of L this episode wove a thread through seemingly unconnected events and pulled things together to point us toward a logical season finale. Lex Luthor will always be a villain; it was just masterful watching him manipulate those around him into doing his bidding but is he truly the big bad of this season. I ‘m not sure he is, I think perhaps this time he may have met his match. Didn’t Gemma tell someone a few episodes ago that they had the Luthors right where they wanted them? It’s a grandmaster chess match between these two forces of evil, Lex and Leviathan, and makes for lots of fun watching these two play one another. Jon Cryer most certainly is carving a place for himself in superhero canon with his iconic portrayal of one of DC’s most famous villains.

Zandarl: In season four we witnessed how Lex can orchestrate a perfect coup, Jon Cryer’s mix of the comedic and megalomaniac is just perfection in the role. Lex’s is the master planner and manipulator. I always suspected Lex had a plan, and all would be revealed in a similar fashion during this season at some point. This episode played out beautifully with the shocker that Lex was responsible for Jeremiah’s death.
Sometimes to defeat the bad guy you need someone who thinks like them. Also, someone who does not play by the rules. We all heard the other Brainiac’s warnings. The question is who is playing who in this cat and mouse game between Leviathan and Lex. It might all be revealed during the finale, for now, each thinks they have the upper hand over the other. Gods versus a man with a god complex we shall soon see.

A major twist in this episode was the revelation that Lex tricked Eve Tessmacher (Andrea Brooks) into killing Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) by making her believe she was going after the man who killed her father. Was that a believable twist? How do you think the Danvers sisters are going to react when/if they find out the truth about their father’s death?

Donna (DJRiter): That was certainly a twist I did not see coming. It was a wicked curveball and Brooks played Eve’s dismay at realizing she’d been used perfectly. It also gave context to Jeremiah’s death instead of it seemingly appear out of the blue in the previous episode. We saw how an unexpected death affected both Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Alex (Chyler Leigh), I can only imagine the anger they will feel when they learn that Eve, and more specifically Lex, were the ones who denied them a proper good-bye. Lex’s involvement might not surprise them as much as Eve’s, yet they need to remember too that this is not the same Eve they knew on their Earth. Depending on how or when they learn the truth their retribution could be swift and fierce.

Zandarl: Lex’s hatred for the Super’s always extended to those around them who help them and it shouldn’t have shocked us of his involvement but it was something I will admit I did not see coming. Alex, I am sure could go down a dark path for revenge, and Kara may even struggle herself. However, with things not quite wrapping up as mentioned above will this be something that comes out in the finale we will have to wait and see.

As this was Melissa Benoist’s directorial debut how did you rate the episode as a whole?

Donna (DJRiter): Given that this was her directorial debut, the producers showed a lot of faith in Melissa by giving her such a complex episode, complete with flashbacks, as this to tackle. She was faced with the difficult task of recreating previously shown scenes and put her own spin on them to match the story she was telling. As she has done with every new challenge Melissa rose to the occasion and knocked it out of the park. I have come to enjoy episodes directed by actors on the show, particularly actors like Melissa who have been playing their roles for a number of years and have such an intimate knowledge of both their own and the other characters on the show.

Zandarl: I always can tell when an episode is directed by actors and especially those connected with the show. You always get more of a feel of the show, trouble is with most procedural show’s directors come and go and know little about the characters and show. Of course, with Melissa, this was not the case and gave me one of the season 5 episodes I have enjoyed the most in a long time. You could also tell the actors were extremely comfortable and it showed through in their performances. Now only did we have Lex’s symphony but some emotional scene’s in front of the camera for Melissa as well. If she does decide to hang up the cape, she has made a good start.

Supergirl 5x18 The Missing Link

This episode saw Rhama Khan cause the utter destruction of the DEO, a Supergirl mainstay and central set since season one, the question is how will this affect the characters most involved with the organization? After the battle with Leviathan is over should they rebuild the DEO or has the agency outlived its usefulness?

Donna (DJRiter): Blowing up the DEO was perhaps the best thing the show could have done. For several seasons now the organization has lost its need or purpose and quite frankly had outlived its usefulness. One of the best things they could have done for Alex Danvers was get her out of the confines of the organization that had essentially defined and handcuffed her in recent years. With the DEO gone, Alex now can grow further and discover who she really is. She has the chance to examine who Alex Danvers is without being defined by the organization she joined for the sole purpose of protecting her sister. She will always be the protective older sister and the Danvers Sisters relationship will always be the heart and soul of the series, but Supergirl herself has grown and it’s time for Alex to discover even more about herself. I loved the way they worked together in this episode and would love to see even more of that.

Zandarl: That’s one way to say goodbye to a set, once Lex took over the DEO and Alex left it seems we are shifting away from Supergirl’s ties to the agency so I wasn’t surprised it was destroyed. We also have the newly established watchtower which will be their new base of operations moving forward.

Kelly has convinced Alex she needs to hide or get a mask for protection against Leviathan attacks primarily. She went so far as to say being a vigilante worked for her brother. Is “vigilante” the right word to describe what Alex would be doing if she donned a mask and costume? If not, how you describe her purpose? Will she have a secret identity as well, if so what should it be and how will her costume be created?

Donna(DJRiter): I admit I have a hard time wrapping my head around the words Alex Danvers and vigilante in the same sentence. However, in all interviews about the upcoming season finale that is the term, they are all using to describe this next step in Alex’s life. What I am up for is Alex getting a new suit, especially if she uses the Martian device J’onn gave her to create it. I’m also on board for her to perhaps gain a few superpowers some way, maybe if her sister or Brainy might gift her with or create another of the Legion rings. Alex is and always has been a superhero on the show, seeing her step up into the role to continue to fight for what is right and protect those who need help is going to be fun to watch. I’m not sure what name she should get, but the one thing I do insist on is that this new costume must bear the crest of the House of El.

Zandarl: Alex has her new weapon I was expecting a move towards her own crusade. Alex needs a purpose and wants to help any way she can so it was no surprise that she would become a vigilante down the line. I can’t wait to see what suit they come up with.

Having been betrayed again by her brother Lena went to Kara to admit she was wrong about Lex and Leviathan and asked to be allowed to help, their team-up might prove to be Lex’s kryptonite. Despite all, she has done with Non-Nocere and with Lex should Supergirl fully trust her? Can they work together for the greater good? Can their friendship be saved?

Donna (DJRiter): This will be an uneasy partnership to work together to stop Lex and Leviathan. Alex, Supergirl, and the others would be wise to not completely trust her as her actions toward them have not shown the slightest inclination that she has earned their trust. Lena is a smart woman; however, she has such a single-minded obsession that she is right and knows what’s best for everyone that she became blinded by her cause which is what allowed Lex to manipulate her so easily. Her "apology" to Kara was still framed all around her pain and being tricked, which shifts blame to Kara and Lex instead of her taking responsibility for her own actions. Actions she would have continued if her tech had worked right. She doesn't get WHY it was wrong. Until that happens, I’m not sure the friendship can be saved.

Zandarl: Kara has been fighting for Lena’s soul all season to the point in the last episode she believed Lena was in league with her brother. Once quick to defend, Kara now believes Lena has embraced being a Luthor. I always describe Lena as a soul who is misunderstood but I do not like how they portrayed her to be someone who once again was played by her brother making her the victim this season. Also torturing her best friend and yes becoming a villain by wanting to control people’s minds, taking away free will. It can be explained away as shades of grey for a greater purpose, but Lena could not see she was as much of a puppet as Miss Tessmacher in Lex’s scheme and for a character of high intellect, I feel the realization should have come sooner. Kara will need Lena’s brains as she knows how Lex’s thinks to defeat him as for trust I think it will take some time before that is reconciled.

The finale airs tonight and like other shows filming was cut short due to lockdown with only so much footage of 5x20 filmed. What we do know is the production team has put together 5x19 and 20 to make 5x19 the finale. It certainly will be interesting to see how it all plays out but with fans criticism of other shows which have done similar, it might not be the grand finale we expected.

Things I hope to see, J’onn finding some happiness, I was happy with M’gann’s return and their budding romance.
Lena and Kara coming to an understanding and working together once more
Alex to have her first outing suited up as a vigilante
Dreamer and Brainy having an honest conversation regarding the events that drove them apart and his sacrifice.

Lastly, Supergirl defeating Leviathan and Lex.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.

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