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Quote of the Week - Week of May 17th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 - 
1. Madi: "I know what it's like to lose a mom. And I can help." Clarke: "Hey. I'm still here. You didn't lose me." Madi: "Not you, Clarke. She died in my arms. I know what that's like." Clarke: "Well, the woman I floated was not my mom. I'm fine, Madi. Really."
2. Indra: "We all have to find our own new path."
3. Indra: "New world. Same problems."
4. Clarke: "No one else should die because of what they believe." Indra: "What other reason is there to die?" (MarĂ­a Sol)

The Baker and the Beauty - 
1. Mateo: "Vanessa, I never thought that you would do anything to hurt my family. It’s unacceptable and I will not tolerate it! You’re fired!" Vanessa: "...Fine." Mateo: "What do you mean, 'fine'?" Vanessa: "I mean, I think that’s fair." Mateo: "No. No, it’s not fair. After everything you’ve done for me?" Vanessa: "It’s probably better we don’t work together right now." Mateo: "Vanessa... Vanessa, wait. I mean you shouldn’t have to suffer because of what Daniel did."
2. Vanessa: "What I wanted was to stop losing potential clients. What I wanted was to be seen for who I am, and not some internet meme. You think I wanted to hurt you? I don’t know what’s worse: that you could be that narcissistic or that you think I’d actually do something like that."
3. Daniel: "Go to the press, tell them the truth." Vanessa: "I did tell them the truth! Everything I said is exactly what happened. Now, you may not like how the truth makes you look but mirrors can be cruel sometimes." (Folie-lex)

Batwoman - 
1. Alice: "If only pain could turn to ash with the strike of a match. But my pain is a part of me the way my family is a part of me." (Chris)

Broke - 
1. Lizzie: “Javi, relationships are about give and take. We’ve taken a lot in our life. Maybe it’s time we give a little.” Javier: “Mi vida, you have presented me with a very difficult choice.” Lizzie: “I know, but what do you always say when faced with a tough decision?” Javier: “Why choose? Let’s buy both.” Lizzie: “The other thing you always say.” Javier: “What would Luis do? What WOULD Luis do?”
2. Javier: “Futbol, like most beautiful things, originated in Mexico. Yes, the Mayans and Aztecs used to play it with a human skull rather than a ball, but the lesson remains the same. Win or lose, you’re probably gonna be sacrificed to the gods. Does that help?” Sammy: “I just asked how to kick the ball hard enough to score a goal.”
3. Jackie: “The commissioner emails me new rules and bylaws every frickin’ week. How am I supposed to keep up?” Lizzie: “Have you thought about reading them?” Jackie: “If it doesn’t have a coupon attached, I don’t open it.”
4. Jackie: “You have just as much of a temper as I do.” Lizzie: “Had a temper. I have done a lot of work on my anger by attending a ton of world-renowned retreats, workshops, and smudging ceremonies.” Jackie: “Wow, you just gave your money away to anybody, huh?” (Dahne and Folie-lex)
5. Lizzie: "Coach Tony quit. He said he wasn’t build for the stresses of youth soccer so he’s going to re-enlist."
6. Lizzie: "Well one thing I learned when I was rich is that you can get around any rule. You either find a legal loophole or find dirt on the person who made the rule." Jackie: "THAT ONE! That one! Let’s do that one!" Lizzie: "Dirt is always everybody’s first choice."
7. Jackie: "I always knew the day would come when Sammy didn’t need me as much but I didn’t think it’d come so soon." Lizzie: "You know, this reminds me of the time-" Jackie: "This better not be a story about Bijou." Lizzie: "Nevermind." (Folie-lex)

Killing Eve -
1. Carolyn: “Eve, I won’t have my investigation detailed by and undiagnosed, and frankly, a little trying, Messiah complex.” (KathM)

Man with a Plan - 
1. Andi: "Did he think we were gonna buy that lifestyle stuff? I mean if you blow off your homework, you lost it or the dog ate it. They’re classics for a reason."
2. Lowell: "Getting kids to do homework is a never-ending struggle. My girls are in their fifth year of Chinese, but they still speak like fourth-years, so I’ve punished them by taking away their cellos." Andi: "Our kids are gonna be working for his kids." Adam: "Joke’s on them. Our kids’ll be terrible employees."
3. Andi: "So Teddy and Kate formed a criminal conspiracy. It is nice they’re spending time together, though." (Folie-lex)

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels -
1. Tiago: "Are we arresting every goddamn Chicano in the city? You want me to go into the cells?"
2. Molly: "Oh, I see: I’m not who you want me to be. Well I’ll tell you, friend, I’m not who anyone wants me to be. I am only who I am, and that woman needs you... needs you to leave her in peace."(Folie-lex)

Roswell, New Mexico - 
1. Isobel: “You have five seconds to make room for Jesus. Good… Wow! You know, I always assumed Michael was a top but, this actually makes a lot of sense.”
2. Forrest: “Is this your girlfriend?” Michael: “Uhm.” Isobel: “Oh my god!” Michael: “Gross.” Isobel: “Is that how I present?”
3. Liz: “I thought you might want hair so shiny it’s gonna make your guy cry.” (Jamie Coudeville)

Stargirl -
1. Courtney: "What about fate, Pat? Destiny? Maybe the stars aligned. Stars, Starman. It would make so much sense. My father never showed up that night because he died saving the world." (Chris)

Vida -
1. Lyn: "So what are your thoughts about what’s going on out there? Like, 'edge of tacky but cute' or full-on trashy? I just wanted Marcos to have the birthday of his dreams, but maybe I should have supervised more closely."
2. Lyn: "By the way, do you know who profiterole Diaz is?" Emma: "I know who Porfirio Diaz is, who ruled Mexico for 30 years." (Folie-lex)

What we do in the Shadows -
1. Carol: "I smell the death on you." Guillermo: "Oh that? That’s just my body spray. It’s Axe."
2. Troll: "My being a troll is not related to my online trolling."
3. Simon: "I want what Lazlo has. What you and Nadja have. You have each other and that is..." Lazlo: "Is true love." Simon: "...enough. It’s enough. You’re willing to settle and I envy that." (Folie-lex)

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