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In The Dark - The Unusual Suspects - Review: Preztel The Drug Smugler

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Sophomore slump? In the Dark never heard of it. The season is shaping up very well with all the stories intertwining and giving all the characters space to show of and deliver. Episode 5 was directed by Ingrid Jungermann and written by Adrian A. Cruz.

As part of the new deal with Nia Murphy and Felix had to do some undercover work. After doing a drop-off, Max`s truck with some residual drugs (4 brick) got impounded in Dean`s attempt to get some dirt on Max. Felix and Murphy`s dynamic was exceptionally written, it brought out the best of Morgan and Perry as they used the tension between them to explore the underlying issues between the characters. As far as personalities go, Murphy and Felix are complete opposites and were budging heads from episode one. The two of them finally speak out their issues was a pleasant surprise to watch. The two of them forming a bond in these dark times was much needed for both characters, cause looking at the flashforwards they will need to trust each other a lot.

Another interesting point was Darnell. His mission to destroy Nia hit a new snag as he realized Murphy was Nia`s newest smuggler. Murphy would gladly join Darnell`s mission but Max`s life is in the peril and after everything she did to save him she can`t blow it. Darnell and the pressure on him is another Wildcard in this game and can turn this whole game on its nose.

Last but not least, Murphy had to keep ÌRS Josh in line. His eyesight was worsening so Murphy was the right person to seek out. Surprisingly, Murphy found out he is working on Nia`s case. The writers are pushing the story so well and setting so many stories up to unfold and with each episode, we are closer to the cataclysm of it all.

I smelled the poop on Sterling from a mile away. I knew that girl was too perfect to just get hired at Guiding Hope. The dynamic between Jess and Sterling really works for me and surely there are feelings from Sterling`s side as well. Earning Jess`s trust is one thing but establishing a deep connection is a different one. The playout and heartbreak coming up for Jess should be some good Television to play out within. Meanwhile, Jess's struggle throughout this episode was interesting to watch. The show working through the leads damage of doing all this shit for Nia is well explored for each character individually. And Jess being shut out from Felix and Murphy just pushed her paranoia to a new level.

Max was barely seen in this episode but the content he was featured was mad. I truly didn`t see the drug dealing in prison twist come. It all worked into the grand story and I love that type of writing.

Dean was in a different predicament this week. After Murphy busted his plans last week, this week he went after Max`s old truck. Dean is desperate and he needs a win so the mighty heads above needed progress on Nia`s case. On top of it, Chloe was starting to act out. I miss Chloe as an integral part of the episodes and seeing her back even for a couple of scenes was sweet. But a bigger clue was dropped during her scenes. Dean is lacking money and that will certainly put him into new crossroads. Nia`s money worked well for Dean, a single parent, and everything he did he did for Chloe. So how Dean plans to coup with this new situation sets up a whole new story.

The Flashforwards
Are literally getting short each week. With just a week away from the big fallout we saw Murphy and Felix cleaning up Ben`s blood and Felix expressing his surprise over Ben`s betrayal, while Murphy wasn`t shocked at all. Ben is the absolute worst and while we saw him as a major douchy slagger, I am sure there is more behind it all. Let it see play out.

Another eventful week is behind us and things are going to unfold pretty hard in the upcoming outings. What are your thoughts on the season so far? Are the writers doing a good enough job to keep you interested? Sound off in the comment section below. And stream In The Dark on the CW and The CW App. Till next week.

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