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Charmed - Season 2 Finale - Review + Thoughts on Season 2 in General

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Charmed wrapped its second season run with their 19th episode of the season which was a very very soft finale indeed. The episode was intended as a set up towards the end of the season, with 3 more episodes intended to air. In general, the episode answered some of the questions of season two but set up many more unresolved storylines. Joe Gallagher directed the episode written by Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin and Christina PiƱa.

The return of Elder Celeste brought a lot of unsettling feelings but a lot of laughs as well. Kate Burton`s performance is just enlightening. She carries her role with such breeze and grace, making Celeste entertaining and formidable at the same time. Like a real Elder, she made decisions and ordered our witches around and made decisions about their lives just like a real Elder would. On her mission with Harry, she confronted the last Whitelighter about his starting relationship with The One Charmed on Macy. Celeste`s meddling opinion was disregarded by Harry all until he saw that his affection towards Macy does affect his work as a Whitelighter.

The face-off with Jimmy made Harry compromise the mission for the benefit of Macy`s sake. Leading Harry to drop the big cliffhanger of the season finale, asking Maggie to manipulate his feelings so he wouldn`t like/love Macy anymore. Honestly, this was cruel, especially after seeing how much they`ve cared for each other and how happy and sexy they were at the beginning of the episode. I understand the need for dramatic purpose but come on, this is just vile, still, this will definitely serve as a stepping stone for the next couple of episodes. And even if they survive this obstacle, Hacy will probably have to face the merger cause Jimmy will forever be a threat to Harry`s life.

Except doing some eldering, Celeste dropped another major bomb. The Conqueror is coming and it might be Julian. Once upon a time, magic was everywhere and The Conqueror was the big bad who's actions made the First Charmed ones step up and fight evil. A major set up for future episodes and maybe even seasons. But what if Jimmy or Harry are the second coming of the The Conqueror and not Julian (dramatic music plays in the background).

A couple of weeks ago I`ve said that I wasn`t feeling the epic love story behind Mel and Ruby and the writers did everything in their power to prove me wrong. After this episode, Mel and Ruby got more interesting and challenging than any other pairing Mel had before on this show. For a bit of convenient storytelling, the girls had to acquire a marble from a previous Witchness protection member. At a former witch gathering, they encountered Ruby. Seeing and hearing Ruby`s side of being a witch was a different experience and Bethany Brown nailed it. The sincerity and emotions Bethany added as she finally got real with Mel expanded not only her as a character but the magical world as well. Each following scene with Ruby carried enormous weight.

Their final scene at the pier made my heart skip a couple of beats. It was a great contrast between what magic gave to Mel and how it made her feel and what magic took from Ruby and how it made her feel with all their feelings in between. That is what I call epic. I am here for so much more Muby/Rel/Melby.

Other than some drama between Ruby and Mel, the Marble storyline provided another dramatic moment as Maggie and Macy got trapped in the marble. I loved their moments in the marble, Macy`s loss of control and how she fears it, Maggies`s peace and use of her new power and their I love yous. Just perfect, but why can`t the writers write this type of scenes for Mel and Macy? They are a lot closer than before but we need more of them bonding.

Meanwhile, at Safe Space Viv and Julian went head to head. After the events of episode 18, the occupied Safe Space searching for the Sacred Tree. And as they hit a snag with their human ways Viv pushed Julian to the dark side. Their only solution going after Macy and her sisters. Viv is a devious minx and she used every single move in her playbook to make Julian do what she wants and needs. And while her motivation is partly family related, she has bigger plans and investors to take care of. Using Rosemary as a trigger to push him to her side was a nasty move but eventually did work.

Other Tidbits:
- Swan sticking up for the girls and sending them information was adorbs. We need more of Swan in Season 3.
- The Flashback to Jimmy`s release was visually very pleasing. I am so fond of the effects this season. Executed so well.
- Celeste sipping tea is a mood. I love it.
- It was lovely seeing Macy still write in her diary.

Thoughts on Season 2
The seasons started with a game-changer we viewers didn`t expect and everything was fine till around of episode 5 were they just headed in a different direction and needed quite a bit of time to come back to the right track. Eventually, the show found its gripping again and ended the season on a rather higher note than anticipated. Looking at the grand scheme the new crew seemed unequipped to deliver a full 22 episode season and that might have been one of the thornes in this season.

The sisters mostly went on individual journeys, and according to the new showrunners that was the plan. To let the sisters explore who they are and then return to the sisterhood. The general feeling is that the writers did go there but somehow it felt superficial like we would dip a bit there a bit and there a bit but not execute either of the stories profoundly. The only sister that was truly explored was Maggie. Maggie`s journey this season just felt right, cause it felt completed. The latest moments she shared with Ray in episode 18 made her come full circle and explored even her issues form season 1, which the new showrunners at times don`t really acknowledge. Mel was a "bit" sidelined after she regained her active powers and Macy was very wishy-washy which was quite out of character, considering you know season 1.

The same goes for Harry. The writers wanted to give him a deep meaningful arc of struggle, but again it felt superficial and the reaction to the Abifail kiss speaks volumes. The addition of Jordan was a Gods blessing, Jordan Donica brought so much joy to the fandom as his character was a true ally to the ladies and served well for comedic, dramatic and romantic moments, the full package.
Abigael, on the other hand, had a strong initial concept but turned into a lukewarm and unthreatening villain. Who is afraid of Abigael at this moment? No one, not even Parker. Swan was a peach and the badassery Christin Park delivered as Haunted Swan will be one of the best things of season 2. And if there is any chance that the budget allows for more Kate Burton as Elder Celeste we should take it, cause we need as much of her as possible, even though I assume she would die during the real season 2 finale(2x22).

And while I may sound a bit harsh in my thoughts of the season, I did enjoy the show but I want it to be the best it can. And rather often this wasn`t the case this season. So I hope season 3 will be able to turn things around and construct the season in a more satisfying way.

Top 5 Episodes of The Season
5th Place: Guess Who is coming to Safe Space Seattle
4th Place: Search Party
3rd Place: Breaking the Circle
2nd Place: Don`t look back in Anger
1st Place: Third Time`s The Charm

That`s a wrap on my side witches. After a season full of ups and downs Charmed is off to an at least 5 Month-long hiatus. So what are your thoughts on the season finale and the season in general? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Charmed is streaming in the USA on the CW app and Netflix from today, May 9th. Till we put our Charm back on again.

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