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Billions - Episode 5.05 - Contract - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos

1032076_5_3475699_14_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_13_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_12_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_11_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_10_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_09_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_08_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_07_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_06_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_02_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_03_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_05_800x600.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475699_04_800x600.th.jpg
Press Release


Original Air Date: May 31, 2020

Axe must reckon with his past to secure his future. Chuck plots against Axe with the help of some old associates. Chuck and Wendy both try to move on, but get forced together by an emergency. Wendy and Taylor embark on a new venture.