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Billions - Episode 5.04 - Opportunity Zone - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos

1032076_5_3475698_15_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_14_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_13_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_12_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_11_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_10_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_09_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_08_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_07_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_06_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_03_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_02_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_04_400x300.th.jpg 1032076_5_3475698_05_400x300.th.jpg
Press Release

Original Air Date: May 24, 2020

Axe's latest move takes him back to his roots but puts him in Mike Prince's line of fire. Chuck steps into a new role and meets an intriguing colleague. Taylor tries to salvage a missed opportunity. Wendy takes on an interesting new client.


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