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The Neighborhood - Welcome to the Jump - Review: Worse Than The Owl

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Welcome back to another episode of The Neighborhood! Let’s begin with the recap:

This episode Tina learns that she’s at the age of starting menopause and she begins to think that life goes downhill from now on. Gemma tries to tell her that it’s only a natural part of life, but she’s still freaking out so much that she yells at Calvin when breaking the news to him. Calvin seems to not know how to handle it either, because he goes so far as to hide in his truck to avoid Tina’s meltdown. Dave being his helpful self tries to help Calvin understand what Tina’s going through, because Calvin’s plan is just to avoid Tina “until this menopause thing blows over.”

It’s safe to say that Tina might have taken the menopause thing to some extremes, because this is a comedy show after all, like having the air conditioner turned on at high and still sweating (while Malcolm wears a winter coat), or her having mood swings, but in real life menopause it’s like this, only a little bit less extreme than in the show.

Gemma visits Tina for support, and she suggests going skydiving so she can feel adventurous and not feel like she can’t do cool stuff just because she’s getting old and Tina quickly agrees. When Calvin comes home (bringing flowers from an actual flower shop), Tina tricks him into going skydiving with her. Calvin doesn’t want to do it, so he tries to get Malcolm to convince Tina to not go skydiving. Suffice to say, it doesn’t go well because Malcolm turns on Calvin halfway through and actually encourages Tina to go skydiving.

The time arrives and Dave is joining Tina and Calvin to skydive, and this is where things get funny: beginners have to be strapped to an expert, so Tina gets paired up with the instructor and Calvin gets paired up with Dave. From this moment on you can’t help but laugh at Calvin’s reactions and misfortune and Dave’s enthusiasm that gets contrasted very well.

When they're about to jump Tina freezes, refusing to jump. She begins to say that she should just accept that she’s old and can’t do adventurous things. Calvin, in a surprising turn, tries to encourage Tina by jumping first, and it makes Tina courageous enough to also jump. By the end Tina finds the landing quite peaceful, meanwhile Calvin cries the entire time, by far one of the funniest moments of the season.

Meanwhile, Grover is trying to build a robot to compete against a kid in his grade, Spencer, so Marty agrees to help him out, and together they build a robot made of kitchen silverware, pots and pans. Sadly, when they try it out it just breaks down into pieces. This upsets Grover, because Spencer is a known bully and Grover’s sure he’s going to make fun of him, but Marty tells him he’s going to take the robot to his work and build something even better.

Marty comes back with an intelligent robot and they decide to test it, but it backfires on them as the robot makes them the target instead. They get stuck trying to turn off the kill switch in the robot, until Gemma comes in. The robot chases her but not for long, since she manages to disarm it, putting an end to Marty and Grover’s project.

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