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The Flash - So Long and Goodnight - Reviews

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This week's episode of The Flash brought some great acting and the return one of the creepiest, most interesting villains- Ragdoll, but it also spotlighted the dreaded pacing that plagued the Savitar reveal. Iris is STILL in the mirror and Eva's revenge reasoning is pretty thin for all the trouble she's going through. Let's discuss.

Joe "I'm Stubborn as Hell" West

So, Nora West-Allen is the most hard-headed and ill-tempered of The Flash characters, but her grandfather took the cake in "So Long and Goodnight". Joe refused to listen to reason on every level until he had almost gotten everyone killed. I get that Joe was kind of dodging two bullets. Carver wanted him dead and Eva wanted him out of the way of her plans, so he didn't have it easy; however his unwillingness to listen to anyone and to effectively help Barry drain the last of his speed made him very annoying this week.

Joe usually gives the dad cop talks and the good advice, but not this time. He was was determined to single handedly take down Carver no matter the danger. Brave- yes. Simultaneously selfish and short sighted- double yes. I mean, how could Central City Police Captain Joe West not see going after Cecile as Carver's next move. (Insert eye roll) Even Allegra saw that coming.

Mirror Iris West Allen

You know an actor or actress is doing the damn thang when the audience is yelling at the t.v. That was me the entire episode!
Mirror Iris simply stood there void of words, expression, and emotion after Joe's brakes got cut. He had to jump out of a moving car! Camera turns to Mirror Iris- nothing. Back in season three when the meta that turns anything he touches into dust appeared, Iris was pretty hysterical when Joe was targeted. Stakes are pretty much the same and this time she had zero for her dad.

The fake outrage outburst about losing Joe at the end of the episode was quite the performance for Mirror Iris. She hit Barry with all the body blows she could. Losing his parents, losing his speed, and then losing her. That was the formula for breaking him into bits, but it truly seems it will be the formula for her undoing. Sure they've fought before and even talked about her changing- her having to figure out how to live and lead in his absence. That may be why Barry was hesitant to follow his feelings that something was really wrong. He knew she had grown- just not that she had grown resentful. But, no matter how angry Iris gets at Barry, she would never bring up his dead parents, and that is what will probably be the key to opening Barry's eyes about her.

Ralph and Sue

These two were cute together, but was it just me that felt their story line didn't fit into this episode at all? I usually feel like there's some connective tissue to the larger story or that it doesn't take anything away from the main plot when other characters go on their own adventures, but this time it just felt weird.

Joe is being hunted by Carver and Barry is losing his speed and what is Ralph doing? Just felt a little off. That said, Sue has the makings of being a good match for Ralph, and it should be an interesting story line as it progresses.

Mirror Master

Ok. So is Eva upset that her husband stole her inventions and used them to make himself a rich criminal mastermind? That he forgot all about her? Both? What is this elaborate plot about? She's a genius, and she should have her hands on what she needs to escape so what is she doing? She doesn't want Flash or Joe to catch her husband; she wants to be the one to make him suffer. So my ultimate question is: Is she capable of doing anything about Carver right now and if she is what is the hold up? She has created dopplegangers that do her bidding so why hasn't she had one of them get her husband by now? Why didn't she pull him into the mirror? The fact that her abilities and her motivations are not clear makes a potentially great villain story kind of a mess.

Other Things I Was Thinking As I Watched

*Barry has known for a while that something was up with Iris. Him watching that mirror when she was just on the other side reminded us of their connection. Now that he knows Mirror Iris is likely a fake, will that connection he felt lead him back to the mirror?

*Cecile is.... something. And the acting in this episode- let's just say underwhelming to be polite.

*Ragdoll is a creepy joy to watch!

*Joe knows he really got on my nerves this episode! Nora, Iris and even Barry to some extent surely got some of their stubbornness from Joe. In some ways this can work to their advantage, but sometimes it is downright irritating.

*Speaking of Joe, he should have been the one to figure out that Iris isn't really Iris. Barry first and the Wally both remarked to him that she was different somehow. She also barked at him a few times and didn't care whether he lived or died at the scene of the accident. He knows his daughter so, I'm not for giving Joe a pass.

*Why is Allegra STILL mad at Nash because she had a doppleganger that he cared about? Please help me understand.

*Mirror Iris seemed to hesitate when Eva told her to drain Barry of the last of his speed. Why? Is she falling for him? Feeling guilty? She ultimately does Eva's bidding, but that would be a twist I could get with. Mirror Iris doesn't want to go back to the Mirrorverse and wants Barry. Hmmm....

*Watching Candice Patton morph into a heartless villain-bot (totally just made that word up) that hurts Barry is hard to swallow, but is a testament to her continued growth and range as an actress. She is a sight to behold on the screen.

What did you think of "So Long and Goodnight"? Let me know! And as always, thanks for reading.

You can catch The Flash on Tuesdays at 7pm Central Time on the CW.

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