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Riverdale - Wicked Little Town - Review: "Can this story get even crazier?"

After some missing reviews, we are back and again commenting on the unexpectedly crazy ride called Riverdale.
In the last few episodes, Betty blackmailed Donna, DuPont killed several people, and Jughead has disappeared. Just in time for Betty to start having feelings for Archie, right? 

"Wicked Little Town" is a special one: it is the time of the year in which the musical episode happens. Kevin decides to organize a Variety show this time, but finds the opposition of Principal Honey: he doesn't want them to perform Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It is too outrageous, even for Riverdale's standards. Clearly, this ends up pushing them to dress up and sing as the titular East German transgender rock singer. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the town receives videotapes of their houses. Archie decides to start a band, The Archies (yes, THE ARCHIES). Hiram does not take care of his own health and collapses. 
Cheryl and Toni work on a plan to try again to get the principal to accept the show, but he denies his permission, threatening to ban students from the Prom. 

Fights are happening between the main couples: Veronica and Archie are discussing because of Hiram (refreshing, isn't it?), and Betty and Jughead about taking school seriously. A series of events leads Archie and Betty to show up all alone at the rehearsals, to sing a romantic song, "The Origin of Love" (we don't need to say anything else, right?), and they end up kissing with a certain intensity (It felt gross to me, but whatever...)

I really don't know how to feel about this: crazy moments and totally non-sense plot twists are always happening in this TV show, but at least the writers were consistent in dealing with the main couples. They are adolescents, and Archie and Betty have been flirting in the past, but does it make sense now to explore this triangle or even... square? After four seasons? I am not sure if this is a wise creative decision, fans are not delighted.

Later on, Veronica and Jughead apologize, and Betty and Archie look at each other feeling guilty (Are we watching Dynasty?). The episode ends with the ordinary absurd moment: Jughead sees a person tied up wearing a face mask with his face, who is brutally murdered by another person in a Betty mask. OK! That's it for today.

All in all, in two weeks the season ends because of the COVID crisis, what did you think of "Wicked Little Town"? Are you looking forward to watching the season finale (and the next one, Lynchian)? Pro Archie+Betty?

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