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One Day At A Time - Boundaries - Review

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This week on One Day At A Time, Alex catches Penelope in a compromising position… with herself. This sparks a debate about privacy and boundaries in their relationship, and the relationship between Penelope and Lydia. Lydia worries that Penelope is lonely so she creates a dating profile for Penelope and interviews guys to see if they’re a good fit. Penelope decides they do need boundaries. Lydia brings home Max who receives a very warm welcome from Penelope. 

We’ve all been there: I’m sure we’ve all been in Alex’s situation, more or less. Hopefully less. I’d probably handle something like this in a very similar situation. Ignore it and never mention it again. I mean, I get why Penelope wanted to talk about it with him. She doesn’t want this to change their relationship or something. But honestly, I think she should’ve just given him a little bit of space. And definitely lock the door next time (though, to be fair, no one was home at the time). I do like that this brought on the debate of privacy and boundaries when it comes to parents and their almost grown-up kids. I mean, I tell my mom pretty much everything but not everyone is like that. And Alex is definitely at that age where he doesn’t want his mother looking over his shoulder the whole time. Penelope has been at that stage for a while now. I swear, when I saw Lydia test date a potential boyfriend for Penelope I for sure thought Penelope would kill her. Luckily for Lydia, she was too shocked to grab a knife. 

I love her: Elena had a minor role in this episode but damn if she didn’t steal the show at times. I absolutely loved the scene where she tried to talk to Lydia about female sexuality. I laughed so hard I was nearly on the floor. In one corner we have Elena who is completely comfortable with the subject, in the other corner we have Lydia who wanted nothing more than to run from the conversation. Honestly, any scene where you can embarrass Lydia to the point of becoming red-faced, is gold. 

Look who’s back: I figured that Max would be back when they mentioned him in the premiere. But I did not expect everything to happen this quickly. He’s back for 2 seconds and he’s already making out with Penelope. But all the issues from season 2 are still present. Unless he had a baby somewhere in the past 2 years with someone he’s no longer currently with or he suddenly decided he no longer wants kids, I don’t see how their relationship will work this time around. 

Best quotes: Penelope: “I haven’t seen terror in a man’s eyes like that since Afghanistan.” 
Jill: “When I was about his age I walked in on my parents having sex and it was incredibly traumatic. They tried to talk to me about it too.” Penelope: “So, what happened?” Jill: “I enlisted!” 
Elena: “Abuelita, are you saying that you of all people never opened the curtains?” Alex: “Nooo, please don’t answer!” 
Elena: “I want to talk to you about the female orgasm.” 
Alex: “Oooh, interesting twist. I thought you said there was no such thing as privacy from your own mother?” Penelope: “I’m an adult, son!” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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