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Good Girls - Vegas, Baby - Review

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The latest Good Girls episode starts with my absolute favorite thing ever: a crazy wall! Max, Lucy’s boyfriend, has taped up pictures, newspaper clippings, sticky notes, and more, complete with red string, on one of the walls in his apartment. What’s on the board, and why does Max have a gun? Let’s discuss!

First, I want to talk about my favorite things that I saw on his crazy wall because of course, I paused it for a solid 4 minutes to write things down. In no particular order, here are my favorites:
  • Satellite launch
  • Plane crash
  • Bird traffickers?
  • Had a bad cough.
  • Felt warmer than usual. 
Now, clearly, Max doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s got no clue what he’s looking for, much less where to start. Good thing he has a gun, though! At first, I was like, oh he’s totally going to kill himself. This poor kid is going to end up killing himself because he can’t figure out that a massive drug lord has killed his girlfriend and perfectly disposed of her body.

Then, though, when he decides instead to take the gun to the diner with the girls and point it at them, claiming he’s going to kill Rio when they tell him what happened? I figured he was dead anyway. Rio is going to kill him and not feel bad about it even a little bit. And why would he? This man is nothing to Rio.

When he tries to kill him later in the episode with Beth, I was actually screaming at my TV. Do you think Rio doesn’t know exactly who this is? Do you think he didn’t do his research on the girl who might have people looking for her? And do you honestly think he doesn’t know the man who went to the police and might have risked their entire operation? Rio knows who he is. And this was a huge mistake.

Before that, though, he mentions that he’s going to hire someone else to do it, a cousin who’s a Navy SEAL. I know he’s probably clouded with rage and heartbreak, but he can’t seriously think that going to a Navy SEAL and telling them he wants someone dead will work out for him. I’m kind of rooting for him even though I really probably shouldn’t be. He’ll probably end up in some random cemetery two hours away just like Lucy.

I will say, I loved the sequence with Max and Beth, with her teaching him how to shoot. The music was great, Beth was hilarious, and Max was a bit more the guy we saw him as just a few weeks ago. It did kind of blow my mind, though, that Beth thought she, of all people, should be teaching a guy how to shoot. She shot a man three times and he survived! I appreciated it nonetheless.

Onto my least favorite part about the show… The number of people they now have involved. I feel like a broken record, I feel like I say it every week, but my goodness, way too many people are involved. JT (Julian Gant - Fameless) offers to rob Annie’s store for them and of course, like everything else, this goes terribly wrong.

There’s already a man there, despite Annie saying the place was empty, a whole bunch of in-between stuff happens, and then, oh, Ruby is shot, and currently bleeding heavily. Word. Definitely didn’t see that coming. No, seriously, I didn’t. I figured he’d shoot someone, but I figured it’d be JT, definitely not one of the girls. Oof.

Shockingly, Annie was the most level-headed in this situation, ordering everyone else to get her what she needed to seemingly stop the bleeding and save Ruby. It was very interesting to see her fly into action, and as a result, start doing research on how to become an EMT. After this episode especially, I think that would fit her really well. It’s never really consistent, it’s usually high adrenaline, and it would keep her out of trouble. Hopefully, at least.

What I’m really hoping for Annie is that her and this therapist just end things. I wish he would personally recommend her another therapist because if it came directly from him, that might help her. I don’t think they should still be low-key flirting and seeing each other professionally, because eventually, the lines are going to blur, and both of them will end up resenting each other.

I’m also very nervous about Stan. I know he needs to make more money, especially with Ruby being shot, but man, is everyone on this show going to become criminals? Like, every single person? I feel so bad for him. You can tell he always wants to do what’s right and this is what he thinks is right for his family. If he’s not careful enough, he’s going to end up very hurt, or worse.

Guys. Today’s finally the day I was hoping would never come. I have to say something nice about Dean. The way he went after Gayle (Ione Skye - Fever Pitch) after she tried to fire him was just *chef’s kiss* wonderful! He told her off in a way that I never thought Dean would gather up the courage to do. It was nice to finally see him standing up for his family (for once) and becoming more than just a lame guy who consistently lies to his wife. Good job, bud!

Finally, the end of the episode confirms my suspicions or at least kind of does. Beth, Dean, and the kids arrive home to find everything in their house gone. Every single piece of furniture, every painting, every stray toy. With it, a note from Rio that says “don’t ever steal from me again.” Yikes! So, Rio either knew Beth was lying the entire time about the ink changing, or he knew the second he saw Max. Regardless, I’m not quite sure how Beth thought she was going to get away with that one. Good try, though. You’ll get ‘em next time. Or you won’t. Probably not.

Here’s my favorite quote from the episode:
Ruby: I told those ambulance guys I’d get an Uber
Stan: After being shot?
Ruby: I’d have gotten an SUV.

Very relatable, girl.

What did you think of the episode? Will JT eventually crack and tell someone? Is Rio just stashing Beth’s stuff somewhere, or did he already torch it? And will Annie ever wear the shirt Dr. Cohen gave her? Let me know in the comments!

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