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Empire - Over Everything - Review: "Season Six So Far"

Empire is coming to an end, and possibly, without even a proper finale. Because of the global crisis, the production has stopped during the shooting of episode 19, and the rest of this extended season (20 episodes instead of the usual 18) will probably never see the light of the day. What a creative, and now even effective downfall. Fans deserve better treatment, and we hope that FOX will decide to greenlight a proper series finale.

Anyway, let's summarize what happened in the last bunch of episodes, and discuss "Over Everything". Andre had a breakdown, we all know how insane he can become during these terrible crises. Lucious and Cookie have him committed, and Cookie starts wondering how life could have been different for her.

Meanwhile, Hakeem and Maya have one drunken night in Vegas, and they wake up as legally married. Then a cute and unexpected family moment happens: Andre receives a visit from his Grandma, Leah is also a patient in this institution, and she gives Andre her words of wisdom to help him to get rid of Kingsley's ghost for good. Cookie and Lucious get to know that Andre has escaped and struggle to find him. He arrives at Teri's apartment, creating chaos. Teri locks herself up in the bedroom, and Lucious tries to calm him down. Cookie finds solace with her sisters. After having a confrontation with his father, Andre decides to try to get spiritual cleanse in a church. It works: he gets back home and apologizes for his behavior. I don't know if I am being cruel in finding this new breakdown a bit repetitive, but it felt like this.

Cookie also has problems with launching Bossyfest: because of her previous problematic situation with the ASAs, she decides to do some damage control. She asks Lucious's help to take down the head director. Are we heading towards a final reunion of Empire's Romeo and Juliet?

Andre is taking a break from Empire in order to get well, and Lucious continues to run the company. He happens to discover some of his son's missteps - Kelly is allied with Giselle and sneaks her in again. When Andre hears of what happened, he tries to fix the situation. We have to admit that Giselle is the most annoying and troublemaking villain of the show, she always heats things up, I will miss her.

Hakeem and Maya continue to hang out together, and Tiana starts to be jealous of their relationship. The episode ends with Andre trying to reconcile with his family (not the Lyons!): he visits Teri's, but she is still upset and scared. She is afraid she will never trust him again, considering that they have a young child that needs to stay safe. (We can get her point, right?) The crazy and nonsense ending is always waiting to happen: Andre makes an elaborate plan to better himself: he wants to go on a church mission trip in South Africa and plans on not coming back. I literally screamed: WTF.

What do you think of "Over Everything"? If episode 18 is the series finale, is Andre leaving (as a missionary!) for good? I am shocked.

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