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American Housewife - All is Fair in Love and Reenactment- Review: "God, Santa, Satellites, Aliens, Drones, Alexa"

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On this week's episode of American Housewife, Katie teaches Anna-Kat how to stand up for herself and Oliver gets creative in exacting revenge!

Anna-Kat's been being taken advantage of by Taylor. She's even taken to wearing Anna-Kat's shirts as skimpy crop tops. ("You steal my clothes and stretch them out with things I don't have yet!") When Anna-Kat demands Katie take care of the situation, Katie tells her she's got to start seeing herself as a strong young woman who can fight her own battles. And fight her own battles she does! Anna-Kat cuts one of Taylor's shirt in half to give her "one of her own" crop tops! Katie pretends to be mad at Anna-Kat, but secretly admits to her she's "never been prouder." It looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to evil schemes!

Greg, meanwhile, is prepping for his big reenactment, and Oliver won't stop making fun of him. Greg recruits Lonnie, Trip, and Franklin to be his troops. Trip's getting extra credit that might  make graduation "not an impossibility." And Dr. Ellie's happy to send Franklin on a field trip, because "apparently [he] can be a bit much." (Who'd of known?) And even though he's sworn not to pull any pranks on the battlefield, Lonnie is secretly filming the whole thing for an episode of "Professor Badonkadonk." When Oliver discovers that Greg's invited the three to participate, he thinks that Greg's trying to make him regret not joining him. He decides to teach Greg "a lesson about teaching a lesson!" So, Oliver decides to commit the "ultimate betrayal." He and Cooper join the British!

While Trip and Franklin guard the cannonballs ("If you were my age we'd be the kings of my special ed class!"), Lonnie advises a horrified Greg to go confront Oliver. (It'll be good content for his secret video!) Oliver tells Greg that he joined the British because the reenactment sounded fun and Greg didn't invite him to join the Americans. Greg tells him he didn't invite him because he mocks all his interests.

Oliver decides he's going to fudge history just a bit, by hitting Greg's provisions tent with a cannon to get back at him. (This involves putting a large canvas that says "BOOM!" on the tent.) Inside the tent, Trip is just about ready to kill himself with a cannonball to get away from Franklin's incessant questioning. Franklin finally gets the message and angrily runs off.

At school, Katie's called into Ablin's office because Anna-Kat's refusing to follow instructions and disrespecting authority. When Katie tells Anna-Kat that she has to follow the rules at school, Anna-Kat declares she's done letting people walk all over her. Even when Katie threatens to stop tucking her into bed and ground her, Anna-Kat's not phased. Yeah, in giving her the "strong, independent woman" speech, Katie may have accidentally created a little monster!

At Second Breakfast, Katie shares her Anna-Kat problem with Doris and Angela. Angela suggests crystals charged in the light of the full moon. Katie's not too into this suggestion. ("If you charge it by throwing it out the car window, then yes. It's fully charged.") Doris suggests shaming and Katie's on-board!

At the battle, Oliver continues to complain to Cooper about Greg saying he didn't want him around for the reenactment. And Cooper surprises Oliver - by taking Greg's side! "Do you have any idea how lucky you are? My dad's somewhere on the Aegean Sea right now. That's all he told me...And all your dad wants to do is share his interests with you. But, you're too busy crapping all over them to notice," Cooper says, before promptly leaving to join the Americans.

Trip continues to look for Franklin, where he finds him having been "shot" by the Redcoats. As more of them crowd around, ready to finish Franklin off, Trip jumps in front of him, "saving his life." Franklin tells Trip that that kind of bravery is "exactly why [he chose him] for his hero paper." Apparently, that's why Franklin had to ask him so many questions. When Trip asks why Franklin would choose him to write about, Franklin responds "Easy. We read at the same level. We have the same taste in girls. And you're the nicest person I know. Isn't that what being a hero is all about?"

Katie shows up at school, ready to put a stop to Anna-Kat's behavior once and for all - by dancing! Yep, she decided to perform her hilarious "Turn Down for What" dance in the middle of the school hallway (waving dishtowel and all!). Anna-Kat's horrified, but Katie only agrees to stop if Anna-Kat starts following the rules. Anna-Kat agrees. Anything to put an end to the mom dancing!

Back at war, the British get ready to "hang" Greg in front of his troops. When they ask if anyone has any last words to say, Oliver steps up, apologizes for being terrible, and thanks Greg for all he's done. Of course, this just gets him "hanged" too, but Greg's touched nonetheless. ("Everybody say execution!") Even Lonnie's touched by the sincerity of the moment and stops secretly filming his "Professor Badonkadonk" video. He even edits the footage he has into a highlight reel of the battle.

Random Thoughts:
-Poor Trip. He really thought Greg was gonna die in battle!

-Franklin being allergic to the sticker glue they used to mark the battle injuries was hilarious. That kid's a never-ending cycle of weird...

-Best lines go to Anna-Kat when Katie is embarrassing her - "Drop me off at a fire station. Hopefully a nice 'This is Us' family will pick me up," and Franklin, when talking about possibly getting a brother - "My mom tried to get me a brother one time, but security at the mall was very tight." At least we know where Franklin gets his crazy!

Were you surprised to see Oliver finally apologize to his dad? Let me know below!

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