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The Sinner - Part VIII - Season Finale Review: Mistake

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"Eventually, it all catches up with you."

A part of me is a little disappointed by this finale, not because it ruined the season but because it made what could've been an amazing season, just a good one. The questions that were posed, the character we were introduced to with Nick, Jamie's search for Harry's edge, it had all the makings of an amazing character arch. And yet, it feels like they choked at the last minute and decided to go soft on a show that doesn't do soft.

As soon as they find out Captain Morris is dead, it seems Ambrose has a chance to start calling the shots, but that's a kind of power and responsibility that would suit the way he works. Now, having Vic take over, on the other hand, is a much better situation for him since he's a fan and someone who respects his line of thinking even when he doesn't understand it, something that could really help his lone-wolf approach.

He gets a message from Jamie, a paper fortune teller with four victim options, and the first one: Morris, crossed out. The other three are Sonya, his daughter Melanie, and his grandson Eli. Harry warns Sonya but she decides to stay and try to get through to him, but she should've known that telling him being a hypocrite is the only way to get through life wasn't the thing that would stop his killing spree, he's already in too deep, there's no going back now. The cops get there just in time to save her but he gets away.

She tells Ambrose not to face Jamie himself when the time comes, that Jamie's drowning and if Harry makes a mistake he'll pull him under with him. But Ambrose knows Jamie's seen the real him, and he knows that the way to get there, to push Harry to the edge, is to threaten Eli's life, so he takes Eli hostage. He makes Harry come alone to his own home where he has Eli and a personalized paper fortune teller.

Jamie says Harry wants to leave conventional life, just like him, but he's too scared to do it so he finds a way to get close to the edge through his cases, and I think he definitely has a point there. He threatens to shoot Eli if Harry doesn't play the game but Harry knows simply killing him is too easy and not what he's looking for, so he taunts him, he gest Jamie confused and lets Eli escape but gets shot in the process.

Once they're at a standstill Jamie puts down his weapon, he says he feels like Nick appeared at the right time to wake him up, and that now Jamie's existence has one purpose alone: to wake Harry up. He says the darkness will keep coming for him until he accepts it, and that's when Harry shoots him, not in self-defense, just to shut him up, and, in a way, prove him right.

Immediately, Jamie turns back into a scared little thing begging to live, and Harry holds him until he dies. I have to say I wish he'd done what Nick did, turn this into a sacrifice, a way to wake Harry up, as if his purpose was accomplished. He did say he'd made a mistake and it felt like a call back to what Sonya had said, that he'd be pulled under. We could definitely draw our own conclusions, but I feel like it needed to be said. Still, we can see Harry's shaken up, he seems to see things differently, the same way he did after Jamie dug him up from the grave.

And, then, we have one final weak scene where he seems to be trying to have a "normal" life with Sonya, ignoring the effect Jamie could've had on him, or even worse, trying to make it seem like he suddenly saw life in a new light, a lighter one. It just feels so out of character for Ambrose to cry like that. Even the way they mentioned Leela, as if they wanted to let us know she was okay, that just doesn't fit the darkness they were pointing to, all season. I just can't understand the creative choice of this ending. Maybe they're making a point of him trying, and next season we'll see him failing to stay away from the darkness, but that just doesn't do it for me. I wonder how everyone else feels about this.

"The more you deny what's inside of you, the stronger it'll come after you."

What did you think this finale? Let me know in the comments.

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