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The Rookie – Day of Death – Review

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With a new episode on tonight lets do a recap of the show’s outing last week.

We pick up a few hours from where the cliffhanger left off and find Caleb tagging Lucy with her very own Day of Death tattoo. Elsewhere we find Angela confront Wes about the state she found him the night prior and letting him know she’s taking some time off to be with him. We also hear Roselyn’s message to the public informing them about the mayhem she’s set free on the site by having taken Caleb under her wing. The team is effectively shook and put on high alert.
I guess this is why they don’t lose time in picking up on the clues that Lucy is missing and work hard verify that indeed she’s gone. They’re fast and effectively trying to track her down knowing they have a clock running down, while a frantic and guilt ridden Tim reaches out to Angela, asking her to come in. She complies and drags Wes along, then proceeds to put him to work.
Meanwhile Lucy does her best in captivity. Even after a failed escape attempt, that at least roughs up Caleb somewhat (you go girl!) she does manage to leave another clue, dropping off her ring as to give away her location to where she’ll be buried, just in case anyone gets to her in time.

For his part Armstrong is taking this whole situation too personally and exactly because of that Grey puts him on a time out. Though knowing a good approach when he sees it Grey acknowledges Nick’s take that Roselyn is their way to find Lucy is rather astute, and tasks Nolan with talking to her. Harper is left trying to be supportive. Even though Nolan does his best Roselyn remains uncooperative, so relying on old school police work is all the team has left. While running down the evidence following up on Nolan's observational skills, and with the assist of some good insight on Wes’ part they figure out where Caleb might be hauled up.
Alas, Nick has also been captured in the meantime. Roselyn is still very much dragging him into this... this is personal for both it seems. Caleb sets him up for a viewing party to watch Lucy’s demise and then follow in her footsteps. Luckily Harper and Nolan show up in time. However they shoot Caleb dead before he gets to disclose Lucy’s location.

Everyone else arrives and the search is afoot. They spread out, but it’s Tim who finds the ring. They dig Lucy out and for a few excruciating moments she’s not breathing. Punctuated by the lack of sound with just the music blaring, Tim administrates CPR and after a few dreadful moments we finally hear Lucy gasp. Everyone is relieved, as she breaks down and Tim holds her tight.
The next day at the hospital, Tim’s spend the night by her bedside, Jackson and Nolan show up with gifts and Grace lets her know she’ll need a couple more days before she can be discharged. She seems in good spirits but I think it’s safe to say (especially going by the promo for tonight’s episode) the shock simply hasn’t properly settled in.
On the other hand Wes lets Angela know seeing Lucy go through that ordeal put some things in perspective for him. He's ready to face his problems and seak proper help when he needs it.

The episode ends with Nolan visiting Roselyn and telling her the jig is up. Caleb’s notes make her obsolete. Clearly having hit a nerve, Roselyn’s parting words offer a warning on Nick. If that’s something that the show will follow through later in the season, or if it was just one off of a psychopath trying to get the last word in is yet to be seen. (Though judging by Armstrong's last scene with Grey, I'd say it's probably the former... What other skeletons do you have in your closet Dt. Armstrong?)

That’s that for last week’s episode. Tune in tonight for a brand new instalment of The Rookie!

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