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The Bold Type - 5, 6, 7, 8 - Review

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This week on The Bold Type, Sutton announces that she’s moved up the wedding so Jane and Kat organize her bachelorette party. But rather than attend a dance battle, they end up tracking down Alice Knight and get her to give Scarlet another chance. She’s so impressed that she insists on working with Sutton. Kat does some investigating and discovers that RJ supports a senator who is in favor of conversion therapy. Richard warns her that this could cost her. Sutton tells the girls she’s moving after the wedding. Jane realizes that she’s been lying to herself about Ryan and that he’s hiding something from her. He admits that he did more than kiss someone else. Ian comes home just as Jacqueline heads out on another date with Miles. 

I knew it: I said it several weeks ago, and even though I started to doubt myself last week, I knew Ryan was still holding something back. Damnit, why couldn’t he have just told her the truth from the start? Yes, she would have been very upset and she might not have forgiven him. But now she definitely won’t. Lying about it is what made it 10 times worse. Subconsciously, Jane sensed that something wasn’t right. It’s why she kept having those dreams. Trust is quickly lost but not easily regained. I do believe this is the end for Jane and Ryan. She’s never going to be able to trust him again after this. And you can’t have a relationship without trust. I’m so pissed at Ryan. I had been rooting for them from day 1. And while I still think that there is an issue of consent here that needs to be discussed (if Ryan was wasted, he was not capable of giving consent. And if it were a woman in this situation we’d be calling it rape), keeping it from Jane is what ruined everything. 

Ain’t gonna happen: Last week I was so sure that Sutton was going to move across the country. Now, not so much anymore. Sutton being frustrated with her job was one of the biggest reasons for her wanting to move (that and Richard of course). But now it seems like she’s about to be offered the job of a lifetime at Scarlet. I have no doubt that she’ll want to take it and she should. She’s worked so hard for this. If she moves to San Francisco she’d have to basically start over in the job department. Richard moved for his dream job, Sutton should get to stay for her dream job. The timing of it all… is a bit unfortunate. 

I smell trouble: I’m all for Kat taking down RJ. But I fear that this will not go well for her. Guys like that are powerful. They’ve got a dozen lawyers ready to bankrupt you at a moment’s notice. While that guy deserves to be taken down for supporting conversion therapy (if you support a senator who supports, you also support it), I fear this may cost Kat her job in the end. Realistically, I just don’t see how she could possibly take him down. To me, this seems like one battle Kat can’t win. 

Awkward: Don’t you just hate it when the guy you’re separated from, but still legally married to, shows up right before you’re about to go on a date with your new boyfriend? So, I’m curious to know why Ian came back. He didn’t say much about it. My guess is that he came back to fight for his marriage, while Jacqueline seems to be leaning towards the opposite direction. And Jacqueline has seemed happier than she was before. It just sucks that those kids are stuck in the middle. Even though they are handling it in the best way that they can, kids pick up on that stuff. 
Best quotes: Jane: “It must be really difficult to be a dinosaur unless of course, you’re smoking cigars with other dinosaurs.” 
Andrew: “Okay, how much do you 2 love me?” Jane: “Is this a trick question?” Andrew: “Okay, well then maybe I won’t show you the amazing video of Jacqueline dancing to Push It.” Kat: “I love you, Andrew.” Andrew: “Jane?” Jane: “Kat loves you, Andrew.” 
Jane: “Why do we start on 5, 6, 7, 8? Shouldn’t we start on 1, 2, 3, 4?” Kat: “Oh, bro, that is deep.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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