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Superstore - Carol's Back - Review: Karma

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Carol is back from her unfortunate sabbatical and the Cloud Niners greet her with open arms.

Just kidding, everyone is terrified. Carol is indeed back, thanks to corporate's very, very forgiving mental health policy, and that when given the choice to transfer stores Carol decided to stay. She can't just leave her family. But she can demand an apology from Sandra for making Carol try to kill Sandra's cat at Sandra and Jerry's wedding. Yeah, I typed that correctly. Carol is the one who wants an apology from Sandra. And she gets one too when she invokes the name of C.J. DiBona, faceless corporate human resources person who cleared Carol to come back to work. Amy is so scared of angering corporate that she sides with Carol and forces Sandra to apologize. Profiles in courage right there!

When no one wants to work with Carol, with good reason since she's shown no remorse for her past actions, Amy puts her in the back office with herself. It seems Amy has some very important highlighting that needs to be done. But when Carol mentions her anger over not being invited to Amy's Golden Globes party years ago, and that she stood outside of Amy's house for hours stewing in that anger, Amy recruits another employee to join them: Ken the security guard.

Ken is pretty excited to be in the back of the store, where apparently all the cups are, and takes it upon himself to start cutting up some of Amy's paperwork. He saw paper, he saw scissors, you don't need to draw the man a map. But you do need to draw him a map to the exit when Glenn and Dina show up and he finds out that he'd been sitting next to attempted cat killer Carol. See ya!

Meanwhile, Marcus starts a rumor, which Dina allows, that Sandra was so scared by Carol on her wedding day that she pooped her dress. Sandra is not having the best episode. So far (hint, hint). Dina, full of well-earned suspicion, goes through Carol's purse, and is shocked to find some earbuds, a few hairpins and a picture of Janet's kid in there. Janet tells her to stop going through her purse. We can definitely see why Dina is the security person at a big box store rather than being in law enforcement.

Mateo and Garrett are relegated to the warehouse, where Glen the Robot seems to have issues with the Bluetooth speakers and goes haywire, probably sparking the robot wars according to Garrett. Mateo, glued to his phone trying to get Celine Dion tickets, doesn't want to clean up the mess. He and Garrett hatch a plan to contract out their work to a freelancer on the internet. They end up being jerks to the poor guy. Not a good look fellas. It turns out that absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely.

Someone with no power is Jonah, who on his day off is at a Raise the Wage protest against a sub shop. Cheyenne joins him with the mistaken impression that they were going to be paid, which Jonah doesn't correct. Jonah is embarrassingly awkward, which we know is just standard Jonah, but to the cool organizer of the protest makes it seem that Jonah is a narc. His narc haircut isn't doing him any favors either. To show that he's not a narc Jonah ends up trying to keep customers away from the sub shop by secretly paying them to leave. Right when he's about to be caught he does this:

He's not a narc, he's just an idiot.
Back at the store the Cloud Niners gather in the break room to talk about the Carol problem. There's a brief discussion about the minimization of mental health issues. It mostly falls flat. Trying to keep Carol away from the rest of the employees Amy tasks her with fixing the malfunctioning Glen the Robot.

You deserve what you're gonna get. Not you, Janet.
And here comes the big twist of the episode. While trying to fix Glen the Robot Carol gets electrocuted! She's wheeled out of the store on a stretcher, much to Sandra's glee. Amy gets congratulated for taking out Carol. Sandra rather creepily watches the security footage of the electrocution over and over again. Fin.

Odds and ends:

Favorite quote: "It's funny how the cleaning robot makes the most mess."

Favorite blink and you'll miss it moment: When Glen the Robot electrocutes Carol is creates a surge throughout the store, knocking out the wifi and making Mateo lose his place for the Celine Dion tickets. Justice!

Was it a red herring?: C.J. DiBono was mentioned so many times I expected the ending to be that Carol made the human resources employee up to keep everyone in line. No such payoff, so I guess C.J. DiBono exists?

Thoughts on that ending? Think we'll see Carol again? Comments go below!

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