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Roswell, New Mexico - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - Review

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This week on Roswell, New Mexico Maria keeps searching for her mother. Liz gets herself arrested while chasing after Rosa, who has found out that the whole town hates her. Michael also gets himself arrested after punching Wyatt, which was, as usual, deserved. Kyle discovers an abnormality in Rosa’s test results. Captain Manes seems to be having some difficulty breathing. Isobel tries to find her inner warrior and then takes a very drastic action to rid herself of her pregnancy. Liz is working on experiments. Michael and Maria make up. Rosa starts drinking again to drown out Max, who keeps haunting her. 

Relatable: I think we all understand why Rosa doesn’t like to be stuck in that house unable to leave, unable to see her dad, unable to do much of anything, don’t we? I said it last week, Liz should’ve just been honest with her. Rosa had access to the internet so she was going to find out on her own anyway. Let’s face it, if I came back from the dead, the first thing I’d do online would also be to google myself. And I completely understand her anger towards Max. He really screwed her over. It wasn’t too long ago that Liz was furious at him for the same reason. There were huge consequences to what Max and Michael did. Even if they could explain Rosa’s reappearance somehow, she’d probably get attacked within the first 5 minutes. It’s not fair that she would have to leave her home because of this. On top of that, Max keeps haunting her dreams, like she doesn’t already have enough to deal with. I expected her to relapse but it really hurt to see that her reason for drinking was to drown out Max. Nicely done, dude. 

Theory time: I’ve seen speculation about Maria being alien or part alien but I have a different theory. I don’t think she’s any part alien at all. I have trouble remembering but weren’t there psychics in the original show? I think both Maria and her mother (and probably grandmother and so on) have a gift of being able to pick up on certain things, a psychic ability of some kind. I think it made Mimi a target, either for other aliens or the military (not ruling that out since they seem to be a recurring villain on the show) and that’s what messed up her memory. And I think Maria might become a target in the future. So I guess it would be helpful to have Michael around. 

This won’t end well, part 2: Oh, Isobel… that really wasn’t a smart decision. I mean, I get why she doesn’t want to be pregnant with Noah’s baby. After everything that happened, who would. But drinking even a drop of something that could kill you in the hopes of causing a miscarriage… of course, it’s going to backfire. You know, I really thought that what she did with Maria would’ve made her not afraid of having the baby. Boy, did I read that wrong. But I don’t get why she didn’t just go to Liz or Kyle and get their professional opinion on how to have an alien abortion before doing something risky. I know Isobel has a lot of pride but this just takes it to a whole new level. 

No thank you: So I’m not sure if this Steph character is here to stay or not but if she’s meant to be a love interest for Kyle, hard pass. I’ve seen her in 2 scenes and I already can’t stand her (nothing against the actress, she was actually one of my favorites on Grand Hotel). She comes across as a spoiled brat and at this point, Kyle can do way better. 
Is he dead? Captain Manes seemed to be having some trouble there at the end of the episode. Does this mean he’s dead? Are we finally rid of him? Alex didn’t seem all that concerned. I mean, I know they had a bad relationship but I figured he’d at least care if his dad was dying. 

Best quotes: Isobel: “Wake up, cowboy. We got us an alien problem.” 
Liz: “Is that Max’s laptop?” Rosa: “His password was “password”.” 
Kyle: “Are you complaining about universal healthcare when there’s a person who could die right in front of us at any moment?” Steph: “It’s unrealistic.” Kyle: “I think the mythical, magical land of Canada seems to be doing okay.” 
Liz: “I never believed you would drive drunk with someone in the car. I knew my sister.” Rosa: “Yeah, but everyone else thought it because I was in the driver’s seat.” Liz: “Because Max put you there, yes.” Rosa: “Yeah, your vanilla, mayonnaise white-bread boyfriend knew that I was high. He knew that I was the only brown girl. People committed hate crimes against our family and he didn’t come clean. That’s the hero that everybody is trying to save?” 
Max: “I am in so much pain, Rosa.” Rosa: “Oh really? So is everybody, man up.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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