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Roswell, New Mexico - Good Mother - Review

This week on Roswell, New Mexico we see flashbacks to Michael’s mother who escapes from the military along with a mortally wounded woman who we suspect is Max and Isobel’s mother. They are chased by a guy named Tripp, who looks a bit familiar. Alex brings this information to Michael. Maria discovers Rosa at the bar stealing alcohol. Rosa explains everything and Maria is furious at both Liz and Michael. Liz and Cameron hang out all episode talking about Max. Isobel takes all of the serum after drops don’t work and she starts to hallucinate Max before she passes out bleeding. She does manage to stick it to Sherrif Valenti first, though. Max, in the pod, contacts Rosa after he realizes something is wrong with Isobel. Rosa warns Liz who finds Isobel in time. 

Partners in Crime: I didn’t realize it but Liz and Cameron hanging out was exactly what I needed. Seriously, it was so much fun watching them hang out. I sort of forgot that Cameron knew about the alien thing. I’m glad that she does, though. Having one cop sniffing around is already annoying enough. Perhaps Cameron can help them shift Sherrif Valenti’s focus elsewhere? 

Guilty: I have to be honest, I sort of didn’t consider how angry Maria would be when she learned about everything. And it’s totally understood. She feels like everyone has been lying to her (which they have). But in all fairness, the alien thing wasn’t really Liz’s secret to tell (even though old school Liz had no problem with that if I remember correctly). I mean, Isobel would’ve flipped. As for the Rosa thing, you can’t really explain that one without the alien part. They seriously need to start thinking of a cover story, especially with Rosa sneaking out. I don’t think Maria will stay mad with Liz for long. Michael on the other hand… And I wonder if she’ll start to make a connection to her mother. I noticed that she gave her a necklace at the hospital. I have a feeling that’ll be significant. And I guess the half-alien theory is becoming more likely with what we saw at the end of the flashback. It’s very possible that that man was a grandfather or great grandfather of Maria. 

My brain is confused: Speaking of flashbacks, the scenes were a bit dark so I didn’t realize who played Tripp at first. Not until I heard him speak and my brain short-circuited. I finished the original show last summer, so his voice is still pretty familiar. I swear, my first thought was “What’s Max doing there?”. I love that they’re bringing some of the old cast on. I really enjoyed the flashback storyline. I love learning more about where our main characters came from and their parents. Who was that main that touched Nora’s shoulder and threw fire at the military? He kind of screwed things up, didn’t he? Was that Noah? Sidenote, I know the CW likes to reuse the same actors a lot but I’m currently counting 4 TVD universe actors on this show (am I missing any?). That takes it to a whole new level. 

I told you so: Okay, so one drop of that serum didn’t affect Isobel all that much. So, of course, the next logical step to be to drink the entire thing. Naturally, this did not quite go according to plan. I still don’t quite understand why she didn’t ask Liz for help in the first place. But I think part of her was fine with dying. And it’s not that difficult to understand considering everything she’s been through lately. I’m glad Liz found her in time. She did seem to realize afterward that it wasn’t the brightest idea. I wonder if the pregnancy is now gone. There wasn’t any mention of it after Liz found her. 
Best quotes: Liz: “Hey, uh, forgive my bluntness. Just, you know, considering the circumstances. How are you here?” Cameron: “Oh, you didn’t order a blonde?” 
Rosa: “ I reserve the right to be the mentally ill one in this friendship. It’s kind of my thing.” Maria: “What the hell is going on?” Rosa: “Don’t really know how to lie about that so… Do you believe in aliens?” 
Isobel: “You know, the irony is, I’m not alone. For the first time, I am just like all the other girls. Did you know that our city council just passed a resolution banning clinics? They call Roswell the last sanctuary city for the unborn. Just the unborn. We don’t have a women’s shelter.” 
Liz: “I fell for him after I knew the truth. It’s like you said, we’re different kinds of smart. Maybe we’re different kinds of dumb, too.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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