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Quote of the Week - Week of March 8th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

911: Lone Star - 
1. Dad: "Devil's Horn. Now inside that case, son, your destiny awaits." Son: "I was kinda picturing my destiny including wifi and sunlight." (Prpleight)

The Bold Type - 
1. Alex: "Ryan is also a writer, worked in the same building, same age group, same attractiveness level..." Sage: "Oh no! No, Jane is way hotter than Ryan." Andrew: "Hahaha! That's good..." Jane: "Get out." Andrew: "Yeah, that's fair."
2. Richard: "I moved a lot of meetings to be here." Sutton: "Well you're a boss and you can. I'm an assistant." Richard: "I know and I hate that." Sutton: "Really? Well I wish I could speed it up for you." Richard: "...That's not what I meant, and you know it."
3. Richard: "Before I get too excited, just to be clear, you're willing to move across the country to be with me?" Sutton: "I mean, my horoscope did say that I should ditch the familiar and expand my horizons... so..." Richard: "I have never loved astrology as I do right now!" (Folie-lex)
4. Adena: “I love you for who you are. And whoever you choose to love, man or woman, is very lucky.” Kat: “I love you too.”
5. Jane: “It must be really exhausting to be a straight, white guy.” Ryan: “You have no idea.” (Jamie Coudeville)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 
1. Terry: "Madeleine Wuntch is dead." Holt: "Say what now?" (Jamie Coudeville)
2. Charles: "Wait... he's taking the kids for us?" Terry: "It's like getting a free babysitter." Charles: "This is incredible! People without kids are so stupid." Terry: "They're gonna destroy him." Charles: "Yeah."
3. Holt: "As many of you know, Madeline and I were bitter rivals. But I've come to realize she held a special place in my life. No one challenged me like she did, or made me feel as alive. Our relationship was like an epic chess match. And it's hard to believe that she'll never make another move. [Holt's phone pings] Unless... no, it's just a notification. Cheddar's doggie toothpaste has shipped. So... she is gone, and I wish she were not. I will miss you Madeline Wuntch."
4. Jake: "Ames... are we having a baby?" Amy: "We're having a baby." (Folie-lex)

Everything's Gonna be Okay - 
1. Matilda: "I wish I was an autistic boy. They love trains."
2. Genevieve: "I'm sick of all this sunshine. Let's get underground."
3. Nicholas: "Do you have a lover? Do you have a secret lover, did you guys meet on MSN chat?" (Abby Crofton)

The Flash - 
1. Wally: "We can't punish ourselves for the mistakes we've made. That's a closed door.
But we can take responsibility for our actions, no matter how great the obstacle to
overcome." Barry: "Amala teach you that too?" Wally: "No, you did."
2. Wally: "Barry, you don't get it. We are all connected. When I used to talk with the
Speed Force, sometimes it would show me visions of different futures, different
possibilities of how things could go. There was always one common thread. There
was always a speedster that would pick up our mantles, like a chain of lightning
stretching through centuries. I saw my kids... running with their kids. I saw Nora. But
now that chain of lightning... it ends with us." (Chris)

Good Girls - 
1. Annie: “OK, I can see where this is going, so just gonna cut it off at the pass. I tried to seduce my therapist. Okay? Like, sexually. Bone town. He straight up rejected me, so I went home alone, drank a lethal amount of Goldschläger and fell asleep in a pile of my own Cheeto dust. So, if you want to rip me a new one for being four minutes late, you go right ahead, but I’m not going to feel any worse than I already do.” (Alison D)

Legacies - 
1. Lizzie: “You were having a sex dream.” Josie: “What? No, I wasn’t.” Lizzie: “Please tell me it wasn’t Landon or Hope for that matter.”
2. Jade: “Trust me, I am totally self-aware. I don’t need your stupid game to tell me I have the hots for Josie Saltzman. Alright? I’ve known that since I saw her in the prison world.”
3. Noir!MG: “Is this a serious offer?” Lizzie: “Hell no, but the fact that you’re convinced I’m a killer and you still considered it totally proves my point. Now Fifty Shades me.”.
4. Dark!Josie: “Every Super Squad needs a supervillain.” (Jamie Coudeville)

Legends Of Tomorrow - 
1. Damien: "I know you'll never forgive me. To tell you the truth, I won't either." (Chris)
2. Nora: "Dad I am not a child, you can't just kill my friends anymore." (Abby Crofton)

The Magicians - 
1. Josh: "When you were lost at Burning Man, what did you do? You called Margo."
2. Hades: "When you die, you go somewhere. You know how I know? Because I built it for you, to help you. Quentin. Penny. I eased their passage. There is no Underworld for gods." (Katherine Meusey)

A Million Little Things - 
1. Eddie: "I thought you were gonna wear the pinstripes?" Katherine: "I was, but Charlie thought this would be better." Eddie: "Oh yeah? How'd she tell you that?" Katherine: "She spit up all over the other one."
2. Gary: "Your dad huh?" Rome: "Yeah. I'm taking him to his first therapy session later." Gary: "That shrink is gonna need a shrink."
3. Gary: "When I first met you, you were dying. And I think maybe I was dying too, I just didn't know it. But I was broken, and you were right: instead of dealing with that I tried to save you, the way that I couldn't save John. I know now that I put way too much pressure on our relationship, and I screwed it up. And I just didn't want today to go by without saying that." Maggie: "Thank you. But it's not all on you, Gary. Cancer wasn't the only problem I brought to our relationship. I was broken too."
4. Theo: "The Egyptians believed that you died twice: once when you take your final breath and then again the last time someone says your name. They believed your spirit lived on as long as people kept remembering you. So, as long as we keep remembering uncle John he'll never be gone." (Folie-lex)

Mom - 
1. Christy [trying to jog Bonnie’s memory]: "Then you ate my fries and told Wendy her blouse was sadder than 'The Notebook.'" Bonnie: "That sounds like me."
2. Christy [introducing herself to baby Sophia]: "Hi, my name is Christy and I’m an alcoholic, and a gambler, and a natural blonde. Two truths and a lie!" (popcultureguy)

Nancy Drew - 
1. John: "What makes you think the bones of a girl who died 20 years ago suddenly just appeared?" Bess: "We performed a mystical ritual asking an evil spirit for them." John: "Got it. You don't want to tell me. I probably don't want to know."
2. Ace: "Bone time." John: "It's pronounced 'forensics analysis.'" (Prpleight)

Outmatched - 
1. Mike: "Hey Erwin, I bet you dinner I make this shot. I'll have the lobster. [he misses the shot] Please pick somewhere cheap." Rita: "No! Don't let him choose!" Erwin: "I pick the cafeteria at Hogwarts." Mike: "It doesn't exist, Erwin." Erwin: "Yeah well that's not my problem. You lost a bet, figure it out."
2. Leila: "I have a question, Mark." Mark: "I have an exclamation point. I thought I would try my hand in humor. I am done now."
3. Kay: "No, it's a drinking game. The only rule is if you say your kid's name, you take a shot." Beth: "Oh, shots. You know it took three IVF shots to conceive Atticus." Mike: "I'm not sure you're understanding the rules of..." Beth: "Oh, I am. That's why I said it."
4. Brian: "Well, how do you get rid of an invasive species?" Nicole: "Genocide." Brian: "What? No! No, you make their habitat uninhabitable." Nicole: "Right, but if that doesn't work..." Brian: "No! No, genocide, Nicole." Nicole: "Right. Got it. Wink." Brian: "NO!"
5. Sigmund: "I make a mean apple cobbler." Mike: "I'm more of a pie guy..." (It was a solid reference. Alison being in the scene just made it better. - Folie-lex)

The Rookie - 
1. Nolan: "Food used to be so easy. There was only two kinds: Fried and Other." Jackson: "Okay grandpa."
2. Lucy: "North Hollywood is lucky to have a Sargent like you coming in." Tim: "Actually I told Grey that I'm not interested in moving up just yet." Lucy: "You're holding out for Malibu?" Tim: "Tim Bradford finishes what he starts. I haven't finished training you yet." Lucy: "No, you haven't. You are gonna move up at some point though, right? Because I put a lot of time into those books on tape."
3. Nolan: "So, Pete listen, I know you don't believe in closure. But I do, and you've given me some. Closure I never thought I would have. So, thank you." (Folie-lex)

Schitt's Creek - 
1. Moira: "Have you forgotten that Vivianne was killed off?" Clifton: "When has that ever stopped us?" Moira: "But last time I was shredded."
2. Alexis: "And then they killed you off on the most humiliating way." Moira: "I'm not sure I'd call it humiliating." Alexis: "You vomited a demon into a toilet, and then fell in and drowned."
3. Alexis: "They need you. And all I'm saying is, as your publicist and your daughter and now the moderator of the Sunrise Bay Fanforum, there is more to this story."
4. David: "I noticed there was some awkwardness earlier at the tasting, and I just got the sense that you were uncomfortable about something." Johnny: "Oh! I don't know why you would think that." David: "Penelope asked if you wanted to crack the top of the crème brûlée and you asked "If we break it do we buy it?"
5. Stevie: "A wise man once wrote 'You miss 100% of the tapes you don't play.'" Johnny: "I did write that." Roland: "And I know that a wise man once wrote 'Thank you. To my wife Moira.'" Johnny: "That's just the dedication Roland." Roland: "That's as far as I got Johnny, I'm sorry. I'm partial to historical fiction." (Folie-lex)

SEAL Team - 
1. Lisa: "The history between you and Stella, that's like gravity. Image it'd pull you two together even if you fight it. But history isn't everything. Everyone evolves. I'd just make sure you're pursuing what you want. Not what you wanted."
2. Jason: "If I focus on what happened between me and Alana and how that ended, how is that going to help me, in my present relationship?" Ray: "If your past kept you from ever kicking in another door, that would be a shame. But if it keeps you from ever opening yourself up to somebody again, brother, that's a damned tragedy." (This was the good advice that made the quotes stand out. - Prpleight)

The Unicorn - 
1. Ben: "I'd check in on Wade myself, but I have to work... I mean...! Clearly motherhood IS work. More flexible hours - OR less...! I should stop talking." Michelle: "Yes, you should."
2. Grace: "It's a disaster! Justin can't see me like this! Do you really think Justin can see me like this?" Wade : "I can't see you like this. Will you please just open the door?"
3. Forest: "I bought a lightbulb the other day. And you know it's one of those new ones that's supposed to last 15 years, and I realised that the next time I'll change this bulb, Addie will have graduated from college."
4. Ben: "You can take some time for yourself. Relax." Michelle: "I can't relax all day! That's stressful!"
5. Forest: "Guys, we're not THAT old." Wade: "We're not that old. Come on! Who wants a refill?" Delia: "Not me 'cause it's 8:15... Oh my GOD! I'm a 100 years old!"
6. Forest: "Hey Delia, the days are flying by because we're having fun. So we're getting old. So what? There is nobody on this planet, nobody, that I would rather grow old with." (Folie-lex)
7. Michelle: "I have to go save some seats for Kai’s graduation. Preschool parents are jackals." (Katherine Meusey)

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