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Prodigal Son - Stranger Beside You - Review: All About Eve

"Can you ever really know anyone?"

Malcolm and Eve seem pretty happy together, he's even having dreams instead of nightmares, though these dreams are still telling him something's wrong with Eve, that she's lying somehow. Ainsley, whos' name I'd actually forgotten just now (I wonder what that says), tells him to stop sabotaging his own happiness, that he can allow himself to have a good thing for once. He also tries to get Dani to run a background check on Eve, but she also refuses to be the one who helps end the relationship.

Even JT (who we learn is going to be a father soon, just adorable) and The Surgeon himself, chime in, urging Malcolm not to dig into Eve's past. And I do think it would be an interesting dilemma if the spectator didn't already know she's hiding something important. Also, I find it odd that no one would tell Malcolm to trust his instincts since they're usually right.

The crime this week is the murder of a mommy blogger's husband, their life seems too perfect, at least the one they present to the world, and this gets Malcolm thinking about façades. They realize the au pair, Christine, who was also their surrogate mother since Alyssa was a diabetic, wasn't who she said she was. They're told by her husband, Lucas (Cameron Scoggins - Shades of Blue, Nashville), that she has a record and mental health issues.

As soon as I saw the way he talked about Christine I knew there was a reason why she ran away, it turns out he was abusive and he was the one who killed Ezra. Now, knowing the baby was his, Lucas goes after Nina. Malcolm tries to make him break the cycle of abuse but it ends up being brute force what stops him.

Eve found Sophie Sanders, the girl in the box, we already know it's her from Martin's coma dream. Ainsley knows something's off, it seems, even though she was trying to keep Malcolm from going down that road, she's been checking up Eve and finds out they're related, she is her sister as I suspected. It was a little heartbreaking to see all of Malcolm's fears realized, sometimes it's harder to be proven right than wrong.

Later, Eve comes back and gets to explain, she says it's true she infiltrated the family because she suspected what happened but then she realized they were victims of The Surgeon, too. Eve was afraid to see Malcolm confirm Sophie was actually the girl in the box but he says they both deserve the truth, only once they actually know what happened they can start to move on.

I'm glad this mystery is solved but I wonder what it will do to Malcolm's relationship with his father, it's one thing when the victims are just names, but now that one of them is the sister of the woman he loves, it's going to be a tricky road ahead. Not that anyone could be on Martin's side, but Michael Sheen is definitely one of the highlights of this show and something I wouldn't like to see less of. This was a great episode and I'm so happy this show manages to be so good throughout, of course, there are issues, but for now, this is definitely one of my favorite TV shows right now.

"It's the only way."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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