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Mom - A Judgy Face and Your Grandma's Drawers - Review: "Here's Bonnie!"

On this week's Mom, the girls come together to help Marjorie with an unusual challenge - babysitting her infant granddaughter!

Marjorie's excited to babysit her granddaughter Sophia for the first time. After an overly-cautious Jerry and his very eager wife drop her off, Marjorie settles in for a fun afternoon with her granddaughter. Unfortunately, Boz Scaggs the cat starts throwing up everywhere and needs to immediately be taken to the vet. Marjorie calls Christy over and plans for her to take Boz to the vet, but being put in charge of one of Marjorie's four-legged children is the last thing Christy feels prepared to do, and she suggests she stay with Sophia will Marjorie takes the cat to the vet. Marjorie reluctantly agrees and since Christy's got her backed in, takes Christy's car to the vet.

Christy's forgotten her allergy medicine though, and she's super allergic to cats. For a while, she's able to get by with just blowing her nose every few seconds. Sophia also seems to be entertained by her pulling the tissues out of the box, but soon enough, they've run out of tissues and it's clear Christy needs meds. So she straps Sophia into the baby carrier and the two head to the store, where they run into Christy's meanest law school professor. ("Well, they're all mean, but she makes the boys cry.") Fortunately for Christy, Professor Meaniepants loves babies, and when she mistakes Sophia as belonging to Christy, Christy goes with it, as it seems she's nicer to her this way!

Back at Marjorie's, Christy's taken her allergy medicine and is still sick, causing her to realize she may actually be coming down with something. So, she calls in Bonnie to take over. Before she leaves, she admits to Bonnie she let her professor believe Sophia is her baby. Bonnie tells her not to worry about it, after all, her life is hard enough she deserves some slack. ("Your life is a crapfest, wrapped in a nightmare, on top of a dumpster fire.")

Soon enough, Bonnie's finished snooping through Marjorie's house and is bored, so she decides to take Sophia for a drive to show her all the wineries where she got drunk and/or did drugs at! They go in Marjorie's car since Christy took Bonnie's car back home. Things seem to finally be going well until Bonnie catches a flat. When she gets out to change the tire, she discovers that Marjorie doesn't have a spare tire in the trunk, but she does keep an emergency Christmas sweater back there! And that's not all. Bonnie realizes that she's accidentally locked herself out of the car, leaving Sophia in there by herself.

Fortunately for Sophia, "Aunt Bonnie knows how to break into cars." Bonnie's able to get into the main part of the car from the trunk by pushing in part of the middle seat, and from there, uses the hanger from Marjorie's emergency Christmas sweater to reach the lock. Except while doing this, the trunk closes on top of her, trapping her in it!

Bonnie calls Jill to come un-trap her and Jill takes Sophia back to her house while Bonnie waits for a tow. Once there, Jill begins to have a bit of a breakdown, worrying that she'll never be able to have a baby of her own. So, she takes Sophia and heads to a meeting. At the meeting, Sophia starts crying and when Jill offers to go stand outside with her, Tammy steps in and offers to take Sophia back to her and Marjorie's place, seeing as Jill obviously needs the meeting more than her.

On the way back, Tammy decides to teach Sophia a lesson in not taking crap from men. She stops by AJ's and angrily tells Adam she quits. He told her earlier that she wasn't allowed in his office anymore, and she assumes it's because she's an ex-con. A dumbfounded Adam (in between asking "Whose baby is that?") explains that he told all the employees they weren't allowed in his office, because he doesn't yet trust Joe, one of the new bartenders, and didn't want to make him feel singled out. Tammy agrees that Joe is definitely creepy, and asks why Adam hired him in the first place. Adam's answer? "Cause he's an ex-con and I'm trying to give him a break!"

Marjorie gets back from the vet to find her house empty. She quickly calls a now very sick Christy, who tells her she left Sophia at Marjorie's house with Bonnie. Obviously, Bonnie nor Sophia are there, so Christy conference calls in Bonnie, who's standing on the side of the road watching the tow truck driver change her tire. Bonnie says Sophia should be at the house with Jill, but since that's not the case either, they conference call in Jill, who says she handed Sophia off to Tammy to take home from the meeting. But again, the house is empty, so they dial in Tammy, who says she's just getting home. Marjorie's really starting to freak out, but Tammy walks right in the door, with baby Sophia in tow.

Jerry and his now very inebriated wife return, and Marjorie decides to admit that she had some "extra help" watching Sophia. She assures Jerry that Sophia "was safe and loved the entire time. Although she did go to a bar and attend her first AA meeting." Fortunately, Jerry doesn't seem to be particularly bothered, just shocked that Marjorie told him everything that happened. He even calls Marjorie "mom" for the first time in years.

Random Thoughts:
-Why am I not surprised that Bonnie once left Christy in a laundry basket at the laundry mat?

-Wendy hates babies! I just about rolled when Jill tried to hand Sophia off to her.

-Adam was pretty slick, playing the "Do you need a meeting card?" when Tammy went off on him.

-The best line goes to Bonnie talking to baby Sophia when she gets a flat tire. "You feel like helping me change a tire?... Don't pretend to be asleep!"

Did enjoy watching Mom's version of "Six Women and a Baby?" Let me know below!

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