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Mom - Beef Baloney Dan and a Sarcastic No - Review: "Sexy Sex Ninja"

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On this week's Mom, Tammy and Rudy find themselves back in each other's orbit, while Bonnie finds her herself questioning Adam's new support system at Al-Anon.

Bonnie drops Adam off at his Al-Anon meeting, and discovers that his sponsor Sam is actually Samantha...and she's pretty! Bonnie's not happy. Adam insists he didn't tell her because he didn't think anything of it at the time, and then felt like it would be weird to bring it up out of nowhere. At home, Bonnie rehearses her planned fight with Adam and lets Christy in on what's making her mad. (She even promises her they can both start smoking again if Adam leaves her for Sam!) Christy says she doesn't think it's a big deal, after all, her Gamblers' Anonymous sponsor is a guy. Bonnie insists it's different because Ned is the "least sexy guy on the planet."

At work, Chef Rudy's spending all his time pouting in the storage closet over Tammy, instead of cooking people's meals. (The waiters have begun to attempt cooking their own orders!) Rudy begs Christy to text Tammy for him and has her take pictures of Tammy (Christy gets bonus points if Tammy's mouth is open!) Christy says she feels sorry for Chef Rudy and Tammy reveals that "her plan is working." She's decided she does want to be with Chef Rudy, but she's going to play hard to get! (She even pretended to butt dial him and made "sounds like [she] was taking a bubble bath!" When Rudy suddenly walks in and pretends to have coincidentally run into Tammy and the girls, Tammy decides to take things up a notch and begins talking about the two non-existent dates she has planned for the night. She then loudly declares that she's "off to wax Downtown Disney because someone's getting in my teacup tonight!"

At the next AA meeting, while the gang continues to try and convince Bonnie that Adam having a woman sponsor isn't a big deal, Christy decides to try out Tammy's method of playing hard to get. Her intended target?- Owen, who "hit bottom last year on Vodka and Mountain Dew." Unfortunately, playing hard to get seems to work better for Tammy than Christy, and when Owen offers Christy a chair, she laughs and walks off, leaving him nothing short of bewildered. Tammy though, seems to be getting exactly what she wanted. Chef Rudy is now sending her desperate TikToks (Well, his poor attempt at TikToks...)

At AJ's, Sam tells Adam he should apologize to Bonnie for not telling her his sponsor was a woman. Adam gets home, and Gus has taken his spot in the bed ("I've traded up," says Bonnie) and so Adam takes Sam's advice and apologizes. At first, it goes well, but Adam makes the mistake of not shutting up and he lets it slip that apologizing was actually Sam's idea. Then he lets it slip that Sam sometimes stops by the bar on her way home from work. And Bonnie's furious again convinced that Sam is trying to seduce him.

At Christy's work, Chef Rudy continues to wallow until Tammy shows up, ready to finally stop playing hard to get. But Rudy says it's too late, she's hurt him too much. Tammy's devastated. Rudy? Not so much! Turns out Tammy didn't really hurt his feelings, he just wants his turn playing hard to get while she begs! The game of love is back on!

Back at the bar, Sam stops by again and Adam tells her how things went with Bonnie. Adam tells her he doesn't understand why Bonnie's still mad and Sam tells him that if he hadn't of veered off course and mentioned that she stops by the bar, everything would have been fine. He needs to stick to the script when making amends. They agree to never meet each others' spouses for their own good, and then...Sam makes a move on him! Looks like Bonnie was right after all!

Adam goes home and admits to Bonnie that she was right, which she's very happy to hear (even if she is mid-face mask!).

At the bistro later, Christy clues Tammy in on the fact that Rudy's turned the tables. Christy also reveals to Tammy that she thinks Owen is playing hard to get, so hard to get that he's gone and gotten a girlfriend! Poor Christy, she'll figure it out one day!

Random Thoughts:
-Best line goes to Christy - "I was a stripper. I've been 'giving away the mystery' since I was 18."

Do you think Tammy and Chef Rudy will finally get their act together? Let me know below!

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